Thursday, January 21, 2010

today is january 21st 2010…

I am so bored of looking at my notes so I am procrastinating them to have a little update…I know, habits are hard to change, but I need to make effort to change my procrastinating habits soon…


Today is also the day of 2AM’s comeback. Yay. I have been waiting for their comeback since last year. Although they are not as popular as 2PM, but seriously their voices are so sweet and melodious. I admit, I was not that interested in them initially because I am not big fans of Korean ballad groups but after watching them in variety shows, 2AM has definitely garnered my interest. Seulong is not only tall and good-looking but he is so funny;)

And of course their leader Jo Kwon, whom I was already a fan of but became obsessed recently with his show, We Got Married. In it, Jo Kwon and Ga-In of Brown Eyed Girls act as a fake marriage couple. It is kind of like a reality show and he is so funny. But I think he has multiple personalities because sometimes he can be so cute, so brave and also so charismatic at times. He never fails to make me laugh during every episode. I wish he and Ga-In can end up together for real ~~!!!

By the way, I totally recommend their songs and their latest album. Their voices are great. **Click on the pic above to be directed to the downloads**


Another album I have been listening and loving to lately is new indie band CN Blue’s. Again, I was not interested in them because Korean indie bands is not really my thing. I like watching pop bands dance and wear weird outfits. Lol.

But of course, if you have watched the K-drama, “You’re Beautiful” then you would probably know that one of the members in this band plays the role of SHIN-WOO Hyung. Shin-woo is not my favourite character (I am fan of Tae-kyung~!) but I think this band really surprises me. Their songs are not bad at all. **Click on the pic above to be directed to the downloads**


Again, I find myself shopping to release stress. Another bad habit of mine, I sometimes buy stuff on impulse. I know I already have a collection of 2PM socks but I just cannot resist buying another pair. This time is leader Jaebeom. Sigh, I really wish he will come back to 2PM soon!!! ***Click on the pic to see my collection of socks***


I love buying necklaces lately. Here is the latest I bought. It is actually a cheap-looking necklace but I think I took a good shot of it kan? Not bad with my digital camera…kekekeke…I like this pic a lot…

18  04

08  17

***Click on pics to be directed to each post***

I have been updating my other blog too. The shopping-oriented one. With CNY coming, I have gone into shopping frenzy for new clothes. But sad thing is that my mid-semester exams fall just before CNY so I cannot really spend too much time going out to shop.

All the clothes I bought recently are cheap stuff from flea markets but I still love them all the same. I am really excited for CNY and for more shopping!!! Are you?

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