Friday, January 08, 2010

happy days should be appreciated

Lately I have been having some good days (although there are also bad days as well).

I might not have time to blog anymore because I not only have to concentrate on my studies but my research project or final thesis has already started too.

First off I want to thank the 7 fairies in UKM for celebrating my belated birthday. Thanks to them and also my housemates for giving me a big angpow. Hehehehe….

I am very thankful to have Prof Thomas as my supervisor for my research project. I had butterflies in my stomach when they told me the supervisors list was out. Maybe it was because before that I have heard about horror stories from my seniors about how some supervisors will not guide them well.

I am grateful that Prof Thomas is a good supervisor. I just wished I will not disappoint him and I want to show him that I am putting in an effort in my project. Since Prof Thomas is under Pharmacy Practice, my final year thesis is a clinical-based one. My topic is:

Correlation between self-monitoring blood glucose and glycemic control of diabetic patients in Pusat Perubatan UKM

This means I have to design a questionnaire and my target are diabetic patients in the outpatient department. Not only that, I will have to look through their medication records too.

Right now, I am still at the planning stage. Prof Thomas had said that I can still change my topic or my scope if I want to. But I have decided that I will go to PPUKM next Friday and if my data collection is too complicating, I might just change my objectives.

Although I was not expecting to get a clinical thesis (because I am not good in clinical subjects), I am quite happy with my topic. I just feel like that if I put in effort and interest in something, I will grow to like it as well.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much knowledge about diabetes, so now I am making myself read back my textbooks on diabetes. Needless to say, it is not very fun.

Clara and Carolyn both got Dr. Fern for Pharmaceutics lab. Tze Im also got Pharmaceutics lab. Myself, Ah Chieng and Janice all got clinical in hospitals whilst Ai Li baybeh got clinical in community pharmacies.

My clinical attachment (one of the subjects I am taking this sem) is starting next week. My lecturer is pretty scary, always shooting difficult clinical questions at us, making me so very nervous. Thank goodness I got Mui Wen as my partner. Hopefully we can work well together despite me not being very good in this subject;)

I went out a couple of times this sem. Shopping is the best way to release stress. Kekeke…The girls all bought CNY clothes but I bought lots of Korean Idols stuff.

01 02

Big Bang socks and 2PM socks….so cute~~!!!


Individual socks – 2PM members Taecyeon, Nichkhun and Wooyoung

14 15

2nd mini album “2AM : Time For Confession”…I don’t think this is Korean edition because it is only RM23.90


My 2PM albums collection is completed!!! I super super love this collection!!!


1st mini album “2PM : Hottest Time Of The Day”

09 10

2nd mini album “2PM : Time For Change”

11 12

2PM Thailand Special Edition

I initially asked Wai Yin to get this for me when she goes to Bangkok this month but woo-hoo, I found it in Times Square so I had to get it. Haih…was so broke…

04 05

2PM 1st Official Full-Length Album, “1:59PM”

Although I was so happy for 2PM comeback but I was quite sad that they still went ahead and released their album in the absence of their Leader Jaebeom. I am happy for their success but I think they are still sad because there is only 6 of them…06

I like Nichkhun’s dedication (the only one I can read as the rest are written in Korean) for Jaebeom @ Jay…

I read somewhere that 2PM will be releasing another new album in April. I wish they would include Jay in this new album but so far there are no news of him returning anytime soon. I know I sound like some fangirl but I think the boys lost one of their brothers and I wished to see 7 of them back together again…



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