Friday, April 10, 2009

the week that was: earth hour, laptop skin, and losing temper

I hate it when people can just sit and watch others do work…Hello? It is a TEAMWORK okay? I just want to screamed at them to get their lazy asses off the floor, shut your yakking mouths and start working…wtf


I find it so much easier to write when I have photos. Also, so much easier for me to read through them again.

Finally I am updating this blog of mine. I have been meaning to blog for some time now but have been so so busy these past few days. Now that study week has officially started, I am finally going to blog a few posts before I go on a hiatus for my finals preparations.

Lots and lots of things happening and I have the photos to show. Lol.


Photo taken of lunch @ Sweet Chat, Times Square with Mom

27th March 2009 – Low Yat with Wai Kuan and Wei Wei


Last Friday, I went to Low Yat with Wai Kuan and Wei Wei where I bought this adhesive laptop skin that I absolutely love although not everyone agrees with my taste. But I like being different. No flowers or geometric patterns please. I much preferred this orange carnival-themed skin. I like images that are inspiring, that symbolises some meanings, not just spirals and petals. Of course the execution is crap, but oh wth, this is my first time and I never said that I got skills in craftsmanship anyway.

Ai Li recommended me this cool K-pop song: “Sorry Sorry” by Super Junior…really uber-cool video

28th March 2009 – Earth Hour Day

On that day, my cousin Deric belanja dinner for us family members to commemorate his excellent STPM results – 4.0 flat yeah! Actually, it was no surprise, my cousin had always been very consistent in his results all this while. So we had dinner near Maluri and after dinner, we hung out at my uncle’s house when we realized it was 8.25p.m. already. The decision to off all electricity switches was not unanimous. Finally, we compromised and consent to only switching off all the lights, leaving the fan on. Haih…what to do, it was a case of young ones VS. the elders. LOL.

pictures (1)

Before all lights were off, my uncle showed me this humongous 60kg jackfruit, produced by the jackfruit tree in front of their house. OMG ok?


As you can see, not everyone was as enthusiastic as us in participating for Earth Hour. Even though my uncle’s house was dark, the houses in front, on the left and on the right were still brightly lit up.


Sorry for the poor quality pics. My handphone camera is not exactly equipped to take photos in the dark. Both cousins Vivien and Sher Li playing around with a torchlight shaped like a pig.



angry-face2Sometimes I wish that I can only blog about good memories, the good stuff that happens to me. But you know, I know, we know, no one is ever that lucky in life.

I got pissed off today and 2 minutes later, I regretted what I did. This is my thing. I have some principles in life that I try to obey and one of it is: When I hate some things that people do towards me, I won’t do it to others. So if I hate other people (other than my family) scolding me, I try not to scold others as well.

But lack of sleep has really tested my limits and I let myself blew up. Sometimes I wished they could have been a little more understanding. Sometimes I really try to be patient with them and I wish they could be more sympathetic with what I do. I know they paid but really, I never overcharged them. Any extra money goes to servicing of my car, which can easily eats up to RM400 each time. Most of the money, my Mom pays so, no, I did not cheat their money. Anyway, what is over is over. What can I do but learn to be more patient, right?

My demon is definitely my temper. I wondered how some people can control their temper so easily. Maybe my EQ level is just not high enough.

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