Friday, April 10, 2009

the week that was: presentations, PKS and ching meng

Too long post so decided to separate it...



This semester I probably did more presentations than any other semesters. Not only I participated in both Dr. Hesham’s workshops’ presentations, but also Dr. Mumtaz’s IT in Pharmacy and Dr. Noradzrina’s PS Diet Supplementary presentation as well. I think that was all the presentations this

sem, meaning I participated in every presentation. Lol.


This is the poster my group members did for Dr. Hesham’s 2nd workshop when we presented on “Introduction to HIV/AIDS”. I much preferred my performance in this presentation but I like the slides I did for the 1st workshop more entitled “MMR: Mumps, Measles and Rubella”.

dr mumtaz

Dr. Mumtaz, the best-dressed male lecturer that night

(picture stolen from Mui Wen’s fb)

Dr. Mumtaz’s presentation if finally over. I did a major overhaul with my slides the previous night, because I felt my points overlap with almost every single group that presented on the previous day. But still, my points could have been better if I had did more research. At the end of the day, I did not like the points that I came up with, in fact I was on the verge of not even believing the facts that I was presenting and we all know, if you don’t believe in what you are presenting, how can you convince the audience to do so?


The smallest group with only 4 members: Our topic and the slides I prepared spontaneously

I think Dr. Mumtaz’s assignment was by far, the most challenging I had. The topic itself sounded difficult to interpret, plus I had limited points and to present an IT topic in front of a disinterested-and-not-so-IT-savvy student audience was enough to get me stressed out. I think I did a fair job although I did forget a few points. Also, some students laughed even though I was not even telling a joke, must be some misinterpretation, but whatever, as long as the atmosphere lightens up.

I was able to answer Dr. Mumtaz’s short ques, thank goodness, he asks really tough questions, ok? Also, hehe, *some little self-flattery here* I heard from my housemate Ah Wei that *ahem* praised my presentation skills. Ya lar, I don’t want to reveal who but is just one of my coursemates. It is always nice to receive compliments for something I worked so hard on.

Fullscreen capture 09-Apr-09 83103 AM.bmp

My PS assignment – Diet Supplement. PS is an abbreviation for a subject with a long name that I am lazy to type here.

On the last day of school, was also my last presentation. The topic? About the claimed therapeutic benefits of Garlic Supplements. Another presentation that we did a major overhaul again.

I am not being racist here but I just want to applaud Yu Siang, JC and Ka Wei here for all the work they did. Actually all the members did their part but no one really went through the slides to check on them until less than a week before the presentation. That was when YS realized some critical errors in the slides. Due to time constraint, YS and I decided to just ask JC and Ka Wei to help in finding new info for replacement and to edit and compile it all over again.

Yes, I was the only girl among the 4 of us, which makes me the most stressed out one. LOL.

Luckily YS and JC found more Garlic journals. They also were my co-presenters which was really good, because they excel in the Q&A session (^0^). Poor Ka Wei, I don’t know how many times we have to email the presentation to each other because everyday there were some edits and changes here and there.

So TQ guys ^0^

4th April 2009 – PKS

Remember last sem when I posted about our HM Simulasi held in KT? This sem, again we have to participate in a HM project that carries heavy marks. But the sad thing was, it keeps getting postponed because there were too many people. Finally, last minute, our lecturers found something we can do service in.


See me or not? Hint: *jeans*

(pic credited to Terev Dickxon)

Anyway, I worked like a mule that day, until I got sunburn okay? We were assigned to do “gotong-royong” for a community in Kampung Sg. Mulia, a 150-year-old village in the Wangsa Maju area. After a short breakfast, a Malay guy start briefing about our tasks that day. He says there will be two groups doing work: The “padang” group and the “longkang” group. So of course, us girls choose the “padang” lar. Who wants to get stinky and smelly cleaning up drains?

So us girls took all the equipments they gave us and walk towards the field. No one came to brief us about anything so we just start picking up all the rubbish we see laying around in the field. Within half an hour, there were no more trash laying around. That was when I figured something was wrong. Cannot be our work is so easy right? They just want us to clean the field? I think everyone also felt the same because soon after, I saw some girls trying to pull grasses, which I felt was absurd because the whole field is completely covered in grass! You want to pull grass until when also cannot finish.

Not long after, some Malay guys came and told us that our job that day was to transfer tar and then use the tar to cover an area they accommodated for a sepak takraw field. So under the hot sun, we use spades and baskets to place the tar into wheelbarrows, then push the wheelbarrows to the assigned area, and finally use brooms to spread them.

Once we were done, they told us to transfer the cement pulak using wheelbarrows to an area about 50m away to cover the holes that became flooded due to the rain.

We were doing manual labour work okay? So kesian us but after hearing so many complaints from everyone about how they make us “university/professional students” do these type of work, I wished they will shut up and just do the service that we are assigned to.

If you read the intro in the beginning of the post and did not get it, I dedicated it to the *ahemjpdahem* girls who did nothing but sit under the tree while watching everyone worked. Wtf? I hope they get bitten by mosquitoes. Just because you are skinny, don’t mean you cannot contribute okay? Also, I absolutely hate listening to people just yakking and complaining instead of doing work. Ya, ya we get it. You are angry and upset about the work but you don’t have to repeat it every 10mins okay? Just shut the hell up and start taking the equipment to do work. I know, I am being mean here but I just feel it is unfair some of us do work more than others.

I guess the organisers could have done better in briefing us about the work that we are supposed to do so we will be well-prepared.

At the end of the day, I ended up getting dehydration, migraine and sunburn from working under the sun for hours. Although I am prone of getting dehydrated, at least I did not let it stopped me from doing what I am supposed to do.

5th April 2009 – Ching Meng Day

Yes, every year I never miss following my family to Tanjong Malim to visit my great grandparents’ graves and then to Nirvana Memorial Park, Semenyih to visit my grandparents’ graves.

The morning started with breakfast at Tanjong Malim, cleaning the relatives’ graves on the hill, back to KL and the to Semenyih to visit po po and gong gong before having satay in Kajang.


I remember my late grandfather used to pick me up in his motorcycle when my Mom was unable to pick me up after tuitions or after school.


When we reached Nirvana, the rain followed us too. We were stuck waiting for the heavy downpour to stop before we can go and visit my grandparents’ graves.

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