Saturday, February 19, 2011

♥너를 사랑해 ♥

-Gomawo Suzy...nah nomu nomu chuwayo~~!!-
Haha, I cracked my head trying to write a creative post dedicated to my roommate cum fellow blogger, Suzane (aka Sparklezane). This CNY, we both decided to do something for one another. Her idea was to exchange gifts, mine was to exchange blog posts, since we were both awesome bloggers. Anyway, I really wanted to write something special that in the end I didn’t write anything whilst my dear roommate has already posted hers. *Guilty* 
P.S. Suzie, there are not going to be lots of photos spam here, lol. Since I lost most of my 1st and 2nd year pics when I got my laptop reformatted. I hope you like this post as much as I like writing it:)
                                                 In the month of July 2007 was the day I became a grown-up, in the sense I actually achieve my goals of entering a university. I had a lot of expectations in myself and I told myself not to be an introvert anymore. I don’t want to be that shy girl anymore, so I brainwashed myself to try and smile and be sociable with as many people as possible. But imagine my shock when I realized that all the Chinese in UKM spoke Mandarin. Maybe I lived in KL for too long, I really thought every Chinese out there can speak English and Cantonese. I guess I was too naïve. The 1st week, I struggled so much to overcome the language barrier. At the back of my mind, I was thinking how the hell am I going to survive 4 years here in UKM? I was so tempted to quit my university life and join my fellow form 6 friends in private uni, at least in my mind, I thought that I can stay in the comforts of my own house, instead of being confined to a run-down hostel, surrounded by people I can hardly communicate with.

IMG_0063 IMG_0004 IMG_0028 
-Suzane’s greatest talent is knowing 1001 poses and being ready for them anytime-

And then, it was like God answered my prayers, he gave me my then-future roommates. I was placed in LDK17 during the 3M orientation week. In my group, there were no Pharmacy students, just Beng Beng (Nutri), Suzane (Biomed) and Jen Yun (PDR). The first few days, we spend them as strangers. But during one night in KTSN, all it took was Suzane to crack one joke that made me and BB laughed. That was the ultimate ice-breaker for 3 of us. And I think that was the first time I ever had a genuine laugh during one of the worst weeks of my life. Just like that, the 3 of us instantly bonded, with jokes and sarcasm mainly thrown into the mix. The 3 of us were so different and yet we blend in well. What I like about my 2 roommates is that unlike me, they are such extroverts and sociable people. They can talk till the sun came up and making friends, for them, is such easy-peasy things. It is a good thing because being around them so much, I think they have also rub some effects on me:)

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-The 2 Korean comedians I think she resembles the most-

The day I discover the connecting balconies between Block J and G is also one of the best things that ever happen in my 1st year life, because it meant that I can go and constantly annoy and pester Suzane 24/7. Haha. My room is so awfully hot and back then, my KT roommate and I hardly exchange any words between one another. So I go over to Suzane’s room and chat with her roommate so frequently, my coursemates sometimes go to Suzane’s room to look for me. LOL. It was also great that she is a fellow English-ed like me (although only 1% of UKM population knows that), because it meant that she can understand the situation I am in. And it was also great that during my 1st year when I had such difficulty bonding with my coursemates, I knew I always had 2 of my friends that I can lean on and confide my problems in. I think 2 of them were the only reasons I ever survive 1st year.
-Posted this pic as a payback for all the embarrassing pics she have of me-

In 2nd year, it was mainly my idea that 3 of us become roommates in Setapak. Honestly back then, there were no one I wanted to be roommates with except with 2 of them. So although they were hesitant at first, I am glad the plan finally fell through. Just like every great friendship out there, the 3 of us have our ups and downs, our fights and hugs, and along the way I think we only grew to know each other better. I am basically, I confessed, a very difficult person to live with. My worst trait is my temper and I have never live with other people before, unlike my fellow 88ers’ (and 89ers’) who spend 1 year in matriculation on their own. I am just glad and grateful that we can survive 3 years with each other without anyone threatening to kill, move out or commit suicide (LOL).
IMG_4391-Suzy, you can advertise this pic in matchmaking agency…lol- 

Honestly, if I were to list down every single activity involving Suzane Mah Nyuk Fung, I think this post will be never-ending. But some of my best moments are definitely the places we go. With Suzane and BB, we travelled to Penang, Sarawak and Singapore. Not to mention endless shopping malls, even Bangsar Village and One Utama. Anywhere I go with them will always be fun, because they bring smiles and laughs to everyone. I just wish we can have more time to go out more often now:)
swak suzane2-Never shy from crazy poses- 

http://www.emocutez.comSo in a nutshell, Suzane, you are daebak! I think I can always talk 24/7 in fluent Cantonese with you and laugh at your high maintenance, Cantonese swear words, bimbo talk and eccentricity that can only be, truly Suzane trademarks. There is no one like you in this world, and there can never be one, I think. I am glad I managed to influence you that marriage and relationships are not the most important things in life, and I am also glad your fashion sense has slightly elevated in the years we spend together (omg, you look so scary in 1st year, btw, make me so intimidated of you). Just like me, I think you have evolved from an ugly duckling into a swan (and also evolved to become more pious, I hope >> friendly reminder for you to wake up early on Sunday morn and accompany babi sia to church). Remember to treat me better (and I will feed you in return, LOL) and I hope you will always find it in your noble heart to forgive me for the mistakes and tantrums I made, because truly no one is perfect, and that is what makes them unique. Finally, to end this post, I want to again remind you to be in KK airport on 6th July to meet your roommate (MOI!!!!) and bring her back to your house (because I don’t want to stay overnight in the airport TT.TT.

-Sometimes we want to kill each other-


swak suzane

Friendships come and Friendships go
Like wave upon the sand
Like day and night
Like birds in flight
Like snowflakes when they land
But you and I are something else
Our friendship's here to stay
Like weeds and rocks and dirty socks
It never goes away!

-Dedicated to Ms. Sia-




Suzane Mah said...

my gawwwwwd thats y i owes love u s a blogger s well as s my fren, duhhhhhh....i nvr get tired of reading this..hahha so funny n well-animated,and graphic! i wonder if u ever read dis comment heheheh

FIFIONA said...

lol~~i am reading ur comment now...omg i forgot about this post writing skills not bad le back then hahaha...c u next wk ahjumma dwaeji~~



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