Sunday, July 06, 2008

tag#5: this one I don't mind doing. lol.

Tonight's my last night sleeping in my comfortable air-con room. I am going back tomorrow night. And you know what I will missed the most? Not being able to watch Gossip Girl every Weds night!
Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Shit. Shit. Shit. This really sucks.

So Denise just gave me a most impossible tag. So difficult because she made me just list out 10 sexy men. 10???!!! Only ten???? how??? how can???

Gawd knows how many times I will re-edit this post because I simply cannot make up my mind. So sad some have to drop off this list but I figured it's all right since they are on Denise's list as well. Yes, I am talking about Milo and Jared (and Chad Michael Murray), those guys from Gilmore Girls and oh, from One Tree Hill too.

I cannot really remember who else to add to this list. Well, some are much easier since they were sort of like my epic crushes growing up. I am sure I will add more but for now, here is what I came up with.

To do justice since some are clearly more "important" *ahem* than the rest, I thought I will ranked them, well starting from #1, because it is so much easier to write about the one closer to the heart first.

#1: James McAvoy...

Absolutely gorgeous what with those eyes. Love his movies. Love the Scottish accent even more. Just crazily lurrvvveee him;P

#2: David Cook.

Love the voice. And the guitar. And the style. Much more, love the personality. Seriously, I hope he remains unmarried forever, as evil as that sounded.

#3: Kwon Sang-woo.

I had a crazy crush on him at one time when I was into Korean movies. Eventhough "Stairway to Heaven" was so stereotypical and melodramatic, but most of all I love seeing his character. How not to lurve a guy who is so cheeky and persistent like him? Plus, he has a hot bod. Seriously.

#4: Josh Hartnett.

My old friend Desiree would probably remember the times I spend back in Form One babbling non-stop about Josh. Lurve him when I saw him in "Pearl Harbor". Just something about that smouldering eyes look. He's been missing from the scene for a while now. Sad. But nevertheless, still one of my epic crushes.

#5: Ed Westwick.

Ha-ha. This one is same as Denise's. A more recent one since I got hooked on to GG. Love the accent and those smouldering eyes. Just wish he had more TV screen time. The drama between Nate, Blair and Chuck is so much more exciting than Serena's growing lacklustre romance with Dan.

#6: TOP from Big Bang.

So un-Korean look and the eyes look like they have mascara on them or something. TOP is def my fave from all the other Big Bang guys. Plus, he is the only one legal in terms of age (for me). The guy is 21. Woo-hoo.

#7: Wang Lee Hom.

This one is also of much recent, since I went to UKM. I realized many girls are crazy about him there and so I inevitably got hooked too. I still prefer Jay Chou's music but in terms of sex appeal, Lee Hom is the guy. American-born Chinese always top any girl's list. Crap, I just remembered I should have put Daniel Wu in too.

#8: T.R.Knight.

Well, I know this I can blame on me watching "Grey's Anatomy" about three hours ago. Can't say much about his acting but just something about his earnest beseeching face and those green eyes that left me pretty captivated. Too bad he is gay though. Haih...

#9: Ed Cahill.

Many know him as Flack on "CSI: New York" but actually I saw him as one of Rachel's love interest in "Friends". He played her assistant, Tag and he was so cute in the show that I developed a silly crush on him. He is hot, although I wish he had more TV screen time on CSI:NY.

#10: Edison Chen.

Despite all those scandals and awful things he did, I think many of us forgot that at one time, he is quite the hearthrob. So he is a womaniser, big deal, with looks like that, of coz he can score any girls he wants. But he made one bad mistake and there goes his career. I still think he is sexy, although many will label him as pervert for as long as he lives (or as long as they live).

Somehow, I have a feeling ten is just simply not enough. Crap.

Ok, who to tag? Hmmm...1) Nyrac; 2) LaiCheng; 3) Suzane; 4) Rebecca; and 5) Beng Beng, if they find the time to blog...


Siedne said...

u can watch gossip girl on youtube, if it's still there la. dun so stress haha

FIFIONA said...

ya lor, haih, why I am so lame, haha...this is what 2 months break did to me - super obsessive :(



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