Saturday, July 12, 2008

me survived first week of second year

I loooovvveee TV on a Saturday Night - Beverly Hills 90210, Dirty Sexy Money, Grey's Anatomy and Super Trio Supreme. Face it, I am a shopaholic and a teevee junkie.

A very quick update since I am so have so much to do since I got back home.

My very first week back in UKM as a second year!!! Lol. Can you believe that? It still feels very much the same. I even mistakenly wrote myself as first year. Must get used to being a sophomore senior now.

So in quick notes how my first week went, which expectedly is not mundane at all because there are so many new things to get adapted to:

#1: Pharmacy has now officially detach itself from the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences. We are now a faculty of our own. Yup, Faculty of Pharmacy, UKM. New Dean and a whole new administration. Plus, renovation works going on all over the fac so toilets are scarce and most of our lecturers moved to the Grand Seasons Hotel temporarily to make way for more pharmacy labs.

#2: The hot topic on campus is definitely the first-years. Seeing the juniors, for me, were quite intimidating in the beginning but now I am getting used to it. I do think this year's juniors have more guts, which is not necessarily a good thing. I did get to know one or two juniors and hopefully I left a good impression on them, although I think it is highly unlikely they will still remember me. I try being lenient and nice to them, since my buddy said we should try to understand the predicament they are in. Rumours are flying about that they are more STPM-ers this year.

#3: Living off-campus has been easier than I thought it would be. The bedroom although less spacious, does have its advantages. Mainly, less time needed to sweep the room. Yes, we have to sweep the bedroom every day because we are girls and girls shed more than 1000 hairs a day, according to my roommate (=.=).

The only thing I am concerned with is def if I will be able to adapt to the study environment. Mom only allowed me to stay off-campus instead of at home if I get good results in every exam. Well, I have yet to officially start my studies but I hope to really study hard this semester.

#4: My roommate is a gym junkie. It can be good in the sense that at least if I wanted to go exercise, I won't be alone in the gym. I only wished my housemates are as fervent in swimming as I am. Gosh, how I missed the swimming pool. I have not been in one since my swimming classes back in 2006, I think. However, the first time I jumped in our apartment's pool at 9.30p.m, I ended getting a cold. Lol. Dunno if I will still be able to frequent the gym and pool so often as I did this week since more work will come soon.

#5: I have been doing some house-visiting since I came back. The first one I saw was probably the 8 Pharmacy people place in Setapak Prima. Then, in the same apartment, I saw Terev's and finally saw the 5 Pharmacy people's (Janice, Jia Ying, Ai Li, Ah Chieng and Tze Im). In Plaza Prima, Suz M and me saw Jie Ning's on the 14th floor. But most interesting is Hanson's Sri Pelangi apartment. It is surprisingly clean for a place shared by 4 guys. Bookshelves are empty, because books were arranged neatly on the floor. ROFL. I have never seen so many books, well what else to expect from Medic students? The best part was seeing Hanson's bed - a bed fit for a king and a price to match.

#6: Taking 16 units this sem, not so taxing but the subjects are tough. No more basic work, now we are moving more to what Pharmacists have to know. Medicinal Chemistry and Alternative Medicine are two interesting subjects but a lacklustre and monotonous lecturer (I swear, I have to force my eyes to open during the classes and it is no easy task). Pharmacy Practice II seems promising. General and Autonomic Pharmacology is as difficult as the name sounds. Pathology is so confusing that until now, I am still not very sure what I am supposed to learn in these classes. General Pharmaceutical Technology is another class I am fearful about but it is pretty much about research, which is something I wanted to dwell in sometime in the future. Only Immunology classes we did not have this week. So crossing my fingers hoping it will be a smooth class.

Week 1 down, only 17 more weeks to go...


nyrac said...

hmm. makes me want to pay a visit to hanson's room la pulak!

Suzane Mah said...

she made me writing her comments. erm...nothing to comment actually since ur eng so gud d...hehehe..s usual ur blogs (honestly)always make me laugh like sh*t that sometimes im a bit jealous oso la (i knw ur nose is dilating now) and im not afraid to admit it ok?!!!hehehe wat else ah...oh!im damn sleepy rite now but i still try to leave u comment,u u shud bully me lesser (is it correct?)..bluek!org jahat! im so used d u correcting my eng that im sure both of us (bb and me)r glad that u here (konon jer...). brain stucked la...wat else to say..just nw my idea melimpah-limpah u knw..o..btw, do ganbate in ur studies ya...if nt u might end up staying at home o and we, no need to say, have to pay more lo since less people sharing every stuff with us...hehehe so it's a waste o...ah...stop show-oofing ur newly 'crowned' fac la...please la...hihihi..enough or not...i think my comment is the longest u'd ever received,rite? (ehem2...)i can blog it ody... oo..i think dats ol la for now...i cn c that u r suffering over thr with the light on that u cnt seem to slp...hehehe thanks for ur laptop ya~jasamu dikenang!

-cute suzane-



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