Monday, May 12, 2008

visiting penang: episode V: the cute waiter makes our day

Someone turned 21 today

happy burpppp-day to u,
happy burrpppp-day to u,
happy burppp-day to malau,
happeeee buuurrrpppdayyyy tooooooo uuuuuuuuu

the gal I fondly referred to as Suz C is finally of legal age, but hardly the legal size

LOL. All the best ya! :X


After visiting the temple,Tye brought us to the well-known Him Heang Shop to buy yummy Penang food goodies. This place is so exclusive that the products that they produced are only available here, in this premise. Flocks of tourists come here, esp for their renowned tau sah piah.

Besides buying lots of tau sah piah, I also got other tidbits:)

Exhausted and fatigue due to the hot weather, our wonderful tour guides then brought us to enjoy yummy chendol and ice-kacang. This place is quite famous as well, judging from all the newspaper articles framed up on the wall...and guess what else? Phua Chu Kang also loves this place. Best in Penang and Singapore, and some say Bantam. Lol.

Before proceeding to our next destination, Tye took us on a drive around town, with Grace explaining some of the interesting landmarks to us. Penang reminds me a little of Malacca, probably because of all the heritage buildings. Of coz, this is like eye-candy to me because I enjoyed old architecture very much.

Some of the places we saw and managed to snap:

Btw, the pic below shows the clock tower and buah pinang. Come to think of it, I have never actually seen a buah pinang before.

More pics condensed up:

And our next destination is none other than:

Yes, we went to Gurney Plaza, another shopping mall.

Before you think we are like some kind of addicted shopaholics, let me explain. The reason we wanted to go shopping again is we wanted to get a thank-you present for Grace and Tye. The day before, we were so occupied with our own shopping that we did not have enough time to shop for them. So this time around, we got our priority stuff first.

Haha. Absolutely think this shirt is cute. Too bad I was broke.

Shopping do have its consequences - left us darn broke, so for lunch, we had to go the cheapest alternative - the food court.

I had a huge plate of Curry Chicken Wantan Mee.

LOL. I had some custard puff after lunch and I liked how Suz M took the pic - Looks like film strip, no?
Shopping buys - earrings, name stickers and a pair of shorts from Reject Shop. Pretty mild.

We stay facing Gurney Drive but have never taken pics there before so halfway through shopping, we sneaked out and took pics outside.

BB and Suz M make fun of me coz I wanted to take pic with the Penang flag. Bluek:P

Gurney Drive is beautiful but pictures can be deceiving. This place is like, really polluted. Sad, what a waste. But in the morning we still see people exercising there.

After that, we had cake. Actually the truth is, three of us crave for a Secret Recipe cake but we were all so broke. BB and I then tricked Suz M into treating us a slice of cake on her birthday. Lol. We are mean hor?

We had the rasberry yogurt cheesecake. Too sourish for me but the cheese was yummylicious. My stomach still full so only had a few bites.

Btw, Suz M mentioned this in her blog, so I guess no harm mentioning it here either. The Secret Recipe waiter who served us was freakin' cute ok? Tall and lanky, with great fair skin. Whenever he came to our table, all of our eyes were like, totally fixed on him. He had that cool look on him the whole time. I don't mean to brag, ahem, but I think from where I sat, I had like, the closest body contact with him. Serves you girls right for fighting seats with me.

Finally we saw some cute guy species in Penang. We expect to see some, y'know? Coz even our campus's M1 (voted most handsome male) is from Penang. We even joked that we did not see many when we were in Penang coz they are probably hanging out at some gay bars or something. Lol.

Hmmm...I wonder if I can get admittance into a gay bar?

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