Tuesday, May 13, 2008

visiting penang: episode VI: missing penang already

Lol. I am having a Korean Movie Marathon right now. Just finish "She's On Duty". Simply hilarious. I like Kim Seon-Ah (My Lovely Sam-soon) because she plays these unconventional characters, not like typical damsels in distress always potrayed by other female leads. Also, Yu Kong (Coffee Prince) is just such a dreamboat ^o^


When shopping's all over, we went back to the apartment and packed our belongings. My bag has now grew to twice its size. It was so hard to zipped it up, have got to ask Suz M to help me. Lol. BB is the funniest. That girl bring such a small backpack, as a consequence, had to return with so many plastic bags on her arms. Everyday, she packs and repacks. Moral of the story: If you are a shopaholic, remember to bring a bag with extra space in it before the trip.

It was time to return to Penang mainland, but instead of taking the bridge this time, we took a ferry back.

Actually, this is not my first time on a ferry. I have been on ferries many times before. Taking ferries are great coz one gets to take excellent pics of the sceneries from the ferry.

I think it was the 2 monkeys' first time though.

Presenting my poor attempt to crush the Penang bridge:

Don't mess with me...or I will penyekkan you. Muahahaha

Actually in truth, BB and I pointed at nothingness but when we saw the pic, it looks like we were pointing at the ship. Lol. Sheer coincidence.

Goodbye Penang!

No, I am not taking a walking test to see if I am drunk ok?

Another poor attempt to pose with Penang bridge

Breathtaking view

Our last night was spend in Grace's house. Her parents tapau dinner for us - delicious fried rice from the restaurant.

Jae-Sson, who had wanted to play with us since the very first day we got here, had his wish fulfilled.

We had a game of "SPOONS", a new card game that he taught us.

The rule of the game was pretty simple. Cards will go around the players until someone gets four of the same kind. Then he/she must grab the spoon in the middle. The tricky part is the number of spoons is always one less then the number of players. Each person gets only 6 chances. If by then, he or she misses taking the spoon, he or she will be punished.

The game became pretty wild because of Suz M and Jae-Sson.

We even had one spoon broken.

It was not easy figuring out what to get for Grace and Tye as a thank-you present. At Queensbay Mall, all we managed to get was a pretty cute box. It does not have a lid, it opens simply by pulling the top part.

And guess what did we fill it up with?


Lots and lots of goodies like chocolate, tidbits and sweets.

Grace mentioned on the first day that she prefers eating than stuffed animals. So, we bought lots of yummies for her sweet tooth.

And we also wrote out a thank-you note for her on the back of a photograph.


is the day that we are leaving after our 4 days 3 nights in Penang. Grace and Tye were also taking a bus, but to Genting for their holiday. The trip back was pretty fast, I think. Btw, the woman working at the bus agency (the office behind me in the pic) is mean, wtf. So not helpful at all.

I am already starting to miss Penang. Haihz...Miss the food, miss the shopping, and just miss everything about the place. Still many places haven't visited and food haven't experience. So the verdict is: Penang, I 'll be back! Lol.

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