Saturday, May 03, 2008

one.two.three days after sem 2 finals

First off: A big shoutout to Jagdeesh Kaur who turned 21 yesterday!!! Happy Birthday Dear!!! Hope you are having fun doing Medicine in Kursk, Russia!!!! Lots of Love:X

I am finally back home, for real, after my exams ended on the 30th. It has been such a stressful stressful stressful two weeks. I really did not count how many late nights I had. So, I was so glad it was finally over. Anyway, I did not go straight back home after exams. I stayed on until Friday, went back again and finally came back to my home sweet home this morning;)


Pharmacy Practice was our last paper, which ended at 10.30 am. After that, Ai Li and Tze Im came and hang out at my room, eating my food and just chatting. It has been so long since we all last chatted coz of our preparations for exams. I did not plan to go out initally coz I thought of getting some snooze since I slept at 2am the night before but Janice asked me out and I just could not resist my weakness - shopping!

We all had lunch together, tho', before Janice and I managed to grab a taxi to the monorail station.

(Clockwice L-R) My nasi ayam, which is like the only thing I eat at the UKM hostel cafe; Ai Li poking into her food; Tze Im; and Janice

Janice was going to go out with her sis tomorrow, which is why she wanted to go out us that day. Tze Im and Ai Li had to go for dinner with their buddies' line, Ah Wei was going to Petaling St with her roommate, Jia Yin went back to Penang and Mei Chieng wanted to pack her stuff, that is why it was just me and "Ah Neece" that day.

A funny thing happened, tho'. When we were shopping at Times Sq, this girl came up to Janice and asked if she can be her model for a make-up session. It seems this girl was a student in a beauty school cum centre located on the 7th floor in Times Sq and they were looking for some passer-bys to help them model some make-up styles. We were totally like, what??? But since we did not have much to do, Janice said okay and I accompanied her to the place.

The action going on at the beauty centre. Janice was lucky coz the teacher used her as the example model for all the other students to follow. Their theme was like OTT make-up style, something like artistic kind. It was a tedious thing, took about two hours to do the make-up and another hour (and lots of tissues) just to remove it.

So what do you think?

Partially done by the instructor, another half more to go!

I likey the bling-blings on her face and glitter on her eyebrows

Likey the thick eyelashes effect? Although Janice said it was painful:(

After sitting for like, 3 hours, we just cannot wait to leave and finally do some serious shopping. Janice got herself a cute denim skirt and I got these:

Nah, seriously? I was tempted to but figures I don't really have the chance to rock these, unless to shield myself from paparazzi. Lol. But I lurve purple shades. Me and purple colour have this deep connection that no one understands. Lol.

We were pretty exhausted by 7pm, maybe coz both of us had lack of sleep the night before, cramming in last minute stuff and all those build-up stress. So we had dinner at Food&Tea before returning back to KT.

Had some cam-whoring sessions. Lol. =)

Janice had the cheese-baked spaghetti and moi had the black pepper beef spaghetti. It was yummy...maybe coz we were hungry.

What did I buy? Well, I am so not allowed to splurge on clothes anymore so instead, I bought 2 Korean movies! Yup, hey it's going to be a loooooong 2 months, might as well I spend it watching loads of movies that I missed!!!


And on the next day, I went out with Mei Chieng, Tze Im and Ai Li, again to Times Sq and also Sg Wang. Before that, in the morning, I and Ai Li helped Tze Im and Mei Chieng to moved stuff into their new home, at Setapak Prima. Had a chance to see Tze Im's new bf, whom she has only started been seeing, like 2 or 3 months ago. Also saw my buddy Cherh Yun, who also live in Setapak Prima, coz I wanted to return his notes to him. He lend a hand in helping Tze Im and MC to move their stuff all the way to the 7th floor whilst Ai Li and I stay guard downstairs. Lol.

We had lunch at Setapak before hailing a cab and then taking a monorail to Times Sq.

The weather was so freakin' hot that we had to have some cool desserts.

We had lunch at Gasoline.

Digging into our food. I had the yummylicious Mongolian fried fillet rice!

All three of them bought shoes. Ai Li bought a T-shirt and the other two bought snacks. Seriously, this is the first time I went out with all three of them and Ai Li is like the fastest shopper I know. She tries on the shoes, ok, and then straight away bought it, like no thinking twice. MC as well. Just tried on one pair of shoes and done, she buys it. *Sweat* Lucky I did not buy any clothes or shoes that day coz I am like the slowest decision-maker. I take a long time before deciding if I want to buy it or not.

And what did I get?

Ta-daa! A pencil case from Hello Planet/Lulu Belle. I really lurve this a lot but it was kinda pricey so I left the shop without purchasing it at first. Then when we passed by the shop again, I could not stand it and bought it finally. It is so so so so so pur-teee!!! Some gals like their bags big, or boobs big but I like my pencil cases to be BIG. Lol.


And finally, on Friday, since my Mom was on leave, I went back home, took a nap, went to have an early dinner and did some shopping at KLCC before Mom send me back to KT to celebrate Suz M's burfday (will blog about it later).

Mom and I had lunch at Madam Kwan's and ordered the Nasi Bojari and Nasi Lemak, as usual. Everytime we eat there, we have the same thing but it is like, the BEST same thing. Yummylicious, as always. Lucky we had an early dinner, so we did not have to wait long.

Yours Truly

Me Mom

Ooo-la-la!!! The banana fritters with ice-cream are like heaven. But kinda pricey at RM10.50 a dish. I just cannot resist those honey-dripping hot banana fritters eaten with cold delicous vanilla ice-cream. A must must must-try!

After dinner, we did a little shopping at Isetan KLCC where I copped a simple black collared shirt for classes from Pop Soda. Wanted to grab more T-shirts from Radioactive as well but Mom says I got to control my spendings. *Sigh*


Btw, I got kicked out of my college, KTSN. I dunno if kicked out is the right word since I did not apply for it in the first place. But rest assured, I am not college-less. I am moving to Plaza Prima at Setapak with 9 other housemates this coming sem! My first experience staying outside. Wonder how is it going to be like? Will show pics of my new crib in upcoming posts. Oh ya, I will be sharing a room with who else, but the two monkeys, Suz M and BB.

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