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visiting penang: episode I: st. anne's cathedral


I finally watched that movie "Go Go G-Boy" as recommended by a friend and those gay guys are so good-looking. Hate to admit it, but this movie is kinda good.


The day before we went to Penang, I picked up BB from KT and then we moved her stuff to our new place at Plaza Prima. Driving in Setapak was madness! Cars were parked everywhere. I was so tempted to banged my car into those stupid cars where the drivers think that it is their grandfather's road or something. Seriously, I know they are desperate for a parking space but use your common sense-lah!

After that, Suz M (who was staying at Setapak then) and BB followed me home to stay overnight at my place so my Mom can send us to the bus station the next day. Before that, we did a shopping spree at Jusco Maluri. I was really tempted to buy new clothes for the trip but finally decided that I will do my shopping spree at Penang instead. MPH was having some kind of sale so I copped that "Sweetheart from Hell" by the young protege writer, Mayzhee Lim and "Tuesdays with Morrie" by Mitch Albom. Honestly, I have not heard of this Mayzhee Lim girl till I came across her at a friend's blog. Then I visited her blog and let's just say, she sounds like the character in her book - narcissistic and bimbo-ish, but you gotta give her credit for writing a book at 16. It's not an easy task.


is the day that we set off to Penang! Mom dropped us at Pudu Bus Station where we purchased tickets to Butterworth.

We got down after the Juru toll and waited for our hostess to picked us up. She is none other than Chong Grace-Lynn, who is BB's coursemate and buddymate.

She and her boyfriend, Tye, then took us for lunch before bringing us to visit St. Anne's Cathedral.

Around the church were these beautifully-painted and colourful sculptures depicting the crucification of Jesus Christ. If I remembered correctly, there were 20 of them, all situated around the church huge compound. Beside each sculpture was a marble stone which states the quotes from the Bible.

The pic in the middle was the last, depicting the resurrection of Jesus.

Suz M, Moi, BB and our hostess cum tour guide, Grace

Grace told us that they spend millions importing the bricks from overseas to build this church. Actually, there are two churches, the old one was preserved and then they build a new one.

Above are all pics of the new church

The bell tower

This place does not seem like Penang at all. It feels like I am in another foreign country because the architecture is just so breathtakingly beautiful. Seriously, this place reminds me of some kind of resort, like those vacation refuge that celebs always go to to release tension and stress. Grace did mentioned that there was a hostel within the compound and that it was almost like a 5-star hotel kind of accomodation. (O.o)

Below are some pics of the old church, which is smaller in comparison with the new church:

Suz M praying

All in all, this church is definitely worth a visit, even if one is not a Christian, just bcoz of its classic layout and design. I dunno why, old buildings always fascinate me. Maybe its bcoz I feel like I am going back in history, like in those movies and books. In this case, probably it was more like the medieval times.

Something very ironic that we saw just opposite the church, in what seems like a vast plain abandoned field, was a monument called "Batu Bersurat Cerok Tok Kun". Inside what seemed like a "pondok" was a huge slab of rock, which was supposed to be the "batu bersurat" but it was so vandalised by people that it seems nothing at all like it. Tye and Grace explained that Cerok Tok Kun is the name of a hill just nearby the church and that this "batu bersurat" was found there and brought to be preserved here. I mentioned how it was good that both Muslim and Christian influences were living right next to each other in peace and harmony.

I took so many pics of this place that it is not possible for me to upload all in here. Click below for a larger image.

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