Friday, February 22, 2008

part II: nokia 7500 prism, purple stockings, open house and cny valentine's day


As mentioned in my previous post, I lost my new handphone. I am still very much devastated by it. Don't know who the f*** took it. I dropped it accidentally in the UKM bus and half an hour later when I went back to the bus, it was gone. So damn sad ok? On V-day somemore.

So on Saturday, Mom brought me to see my cousin at Mid Valley to get a new handphone, after a very long lecture on my carelessness. No points for guessing the model of my new handphone (duh! see the title). Luckily, managed to claim the insurance on my lost handphone, so I had to pay another extra 200 bucks to get this new handphone.

We had lunch at this laksa cafe located inside Jusco.

Took this pic to tell everyone what a fake rojak this is - wasted RM5.00 down the drain - tasted awful

CNY decor at Mid Valley

Still feeling very CNY-issy despite the loss of my Nokia 3500

Got to wear my new sandals! Haha...LOL

There were many booths displaying Chinese culture. Really interesting so couldn't resist taking pics of some of the more attractive booths.

Knotting Art

Silk Hair Embroidery

Painting and Calligraphy

Coloured Silk

Besides that, I also copped...Simple Plan's new album!!! SO been waiting for this!!!

In the evening, we visited my late Grandma's younger sis's open house for dinner and more angpows:)

My cousins and their funky fashions

Moi at home after the function - had to leave early because I really wanted to study for my mid-sems:(

Like my purple stockings? A bit too funky for me, I think. But it did not cost me a cent to get these so it's ok:) no regrets


This time my Mom had an open house for all my neighbours and my Mom's ex-schoolmates.

She ordered the caterer called Banana Cafe which charged RM18 per head but my Mom minus the desserts so we got it a bit cheaper. Desserts were instead, courtesy from my very-skillful-in-baking aunt, who made coffee sponge cake and jelly.

The food tables set up in front of my house

The lambs were really dee-li-cious!

Mom still kept in touch with her ex-schoolmates after like, 30 years? Wish I could do the same as well!

Speckies girl cousins

My house - a very multi-racial crowd, no? My neighbourhood is Indian-dominant but they are all really good neighbours. Some KL people do not even know their own neighbours. Therefore, really proud that we have good ties with our neighbours:)


My last paper for mid-sem ended today so Mom picked me up to go to my uncle's house for our annual Chap Goh Mei dinner.

Last Day of CNY *sniff*

My face post-exam - notice the huge eyebags?

My family have such great cooks! So proud of them! Hehe...

My fave - grilled salmon! I had like, 4 of these!

Happy Chap Goh Mei and a Happy Chinese Valentine's to Everyone!

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