Wednesday, April 16, 2008

old age, thrash talk and bbff [edited]

For the last few weeks, because of my stress and of being overwhelmed with exams and assignments and reports, I have taken a healthy habit of jogging at Tasik Titiwangsa with Suz M and her roommate Jie Ning. In one of our jogging trips, Suz M mentioned how she, when she grows old, would like to own a farm in New Zealand where together with her husband, they will lead a peaceful life there, taking care of farm animals.

Then came this topic of how will we spend our old age. It's not like I have not thought about it, it is just that I have never given any serious thought. I mentioned how interesting it will be that when I grow old, with all those free time that I now craved for never had, I would like to write a memoir about my life. Yes, all those stupid and funny and happy and sad incidents that would still remain in my head will be transferred through my pen onto a paper or through my keyboard onto the monitor screen or whatever futuristic gadget that might be developed in the future. Eventhough I am sure it will not get published, maybe it will be a great idea to pass it down to my grandchildren or great-grandchildren, just in case they inherit my "bookworm" genes (ceh!) or if they wanted to know how life was like back then.

When we asked Jie Ning what she was going to do when she gets old, she said she has never thought that far. True, life is like a journey. We should take it one step at a time and appreciate every moment that we have, one at a time.


Suz M said that she will not thrash about anyone in her blog because she says that they are not worth her time and effort to blog about. Ok, I know I sometimes thrash about a number of few people in my blog so I will try and stop it. Er...ok, maybe not stop completely but write less lengthy posts about them.

Now that I mention about thrashing people in blogs, there is one person I think deserved some thrashing. I will not mention his name but he is a close friend's ex-boyfriend. I absolutely absolutely absolutely hate guys who two-time girls. One leg on two boats. This guy cheated and still have the nerve to plaster pics of him and his new gf all over his friendster profile!

When he wanted to break up with my friend, we snoop around in his friendster and saw all this mushy-mushy love testimonials that this gal was sending to him. OMG, what an asshole. And he is not even good-looking at all. Ugly and a jerk and a cheater. Guys, if you really want to cheat, at least have the courtesy to admit it ok? Then maybe I can still have just a little teeny-weeny respect left for you. If my bf ever cheated on me, I will never forgive him. Period. I am no Victoria Beckham. If a guy cheats on his gf, it just shows what kind of guy that is. And if he can cheat on you now, imagine what he can do later on.

Btw, my friend is so much better without that guy now. She is hot but sweet, so glad she is not stuck with that loser wat'shisname. In fact, after news spread that she broke up, guys come swarming approaching her. FYI, she did not ask me to thrash him, she is too nice for that. Just think this loser asshole deserves it.


Anyway, this week is my study week coz next week is my finals so just want to blog everything today so I can stop blogging until after my finals. Last week, I hardly studied coz of BBFF (boy BFF) problems and a certain controversial issue.

I am sorry Raja Babi, but I hate hate hate hate waiting for people. No matter if your intentions were good or not, I will just remember the fact that I have to wait for you and walk in the rain. I know you are a good friend, so sorry k?

Orang Utan, I hope you are able to move on. As difficult as it may seem to accept the fact that she does not like you, you just have to accept it. You are way better than that. Stop being childish ok? And stop being mean to me. Bluek:P

Yes, my two good guy friends have cute nicknames. One bcoz of his name and another bcoz of his hairy legs. Of coz, I know one a lot longer than the other. So I dunno if Orang Utan can be classified as my BFF yet. Guess he have to earn it. LOL. Macam-lah it's some privilege to be my BFF kononnya. I don't want to jinx it;P

This reminds me of my first BBFF, Therry. I wonder how is he now? Therry is my then classmates's little bro, 3 years younger than me but the nicest and sweetest fella I ever know. We can talk on and on and hang out as well. But we separated when I moved to SBU and he moved back to Malacca. The last I heard about him, he has a girlfriend, who is also one of my good gal pals.

So this is to clear up some misunderstandings. I do have a few guy friends not ONE ok? So I dunno why people are always thinking that there is something going on between Hanson and me. People that I don't even know in UKM KKL knows me, but for the wrong reasons.

Just because I am friendly with guys does not make me a slut. A slut is the girl who goes after the guy even if she knows that guy has a girlfriend. That should be the actual definition of slut. Here is one, btw. Ooops;P

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