Thursday, April 03, 2008

the end of first year is dawning

31/03/2008: Baskin Robbins outing

I promised Suz M that I will treat her Baskin Robbins since she accompanied me to do a new sim card (back when I lost my hp), so what better day to treat someone than to go when there is a 31% discount?

Suz M has never seen BR before until she came to KL. Kota Kinabalu has no BR! Yup, I know. Surprising, no? Esp since in KL, there is berlambak (lots) of BR, even in small shopping complexes like Leisure Mall. It is hard to imagine a town like KK not having a single BR. What is even more surprising is that there is no BR in Sibu or Kapit either. Tah jie says it is because BR cannot transport ice-cream through aeroplanes coz it will melt on the way. LOL;)

Anyways, Hanson tagged along as well. Actually I was supposed to treat him as well coz I lost a bet with him. No need right, Hanson? Coz someone says he don’t like to “sek yun fan”. LOL.

So we had the quart-size with three flavours – Maui Chocolate Brownie, Almond Fudge and my fave - Strawberry Cheesecake!

Hanson and me

Suz M and me


After that, we did some shopping! We had to help BB to buy a T-shirt for her buddy’s bday present. If there is one thing I dislike, it is buying clothes for guys. Seriously, every shop in Times Sq sells the same type of guy clothes. I see no difference at all. In other words – boring. Guy clothes are so lacking in variety. It is times like these when I am glad for being a girl. No wonder guys dislike shopping. I would too if I see the exact same style in every shop I go to.

Finally, we decided on this cool-looking guitar T-shirt. Coincidentally, Hanson bought a T-shirt from this same shop as well. Check out the pics later to see Hanson’s new T-shirt that he could not wait to wear.

After doing some more window-shopping at Times Sq, we headed to Sg Wang for dinner. Finally decided on Gasoline.

Food was ok-lah. Just wanted to go there to show Hanson and Suz M how the atmosphere was. This is my 2nd time here. First time was with Waiyin, Jino and Yinching.

Ordering food

Kiwi shake

Hanson's new T-shirt!

Random cute stuff on display

Did more window shopping before finally heading back to KTSN. I just copped a belt whilst Suz M copped khakis from ROMP. Saw a really nice vest in ROMP but I just bought a new blouse a few days ago so haih…gotta save money-lo…

01/04/2008: Last practical of first year.

If there is one lab practical that I enjoyed, it is my Pharmacy Practice. Coz in this subject, we get to compound medicines! Still remember all those times when I was small playing with those masak-masak stuff, now I get to make real medicines! Of coz, if anyone dares to use it-lah.

Altogether there are 4 practicals but there is an extemporaneous prescription at the end of each practical. Marks will be given on our extemporaneous preparations and these marks are a portion of our final marks. This is the most stressful part of every practical since time is of the essence here and there is really no room for mistakes.

Somewhere during our 3rd practical, we made emulsion, suppositories and capsules.

My Emulsion!

These suppositories are used for your butt, FYI. LOL. And guess what? The base is actually cocoa butter! Which is also the same base used to make chocolate! Yummy, anyone? LOL.

Making capsules by punching into the powder mass

For our last practical, which was also the hardest and most time-consuming, we made cream, suppositories, gel and ointment. Time passes so damn fast here because those freakin’ ingredients all have to be melted before triturating them! And if things cannot get any harder, my water bath was not working initially. This so adds to the stress factor, ok?

I enjoyed filing the cream into the collapsible tube coz they taught us how to fold the end of the tube using a levigation knife. Haha…Now I can make toothpaste tubes! LOL.

This batch of suppositories was really jelly-like, unlike the previous ones we did. Kinda reminds me of those gummy bears candy. LOL.

My gel before adding the colouring

After colouring is added

My gel kinda suffer an OD of Apple Green colouring. LOL. Tze Im says it was supposed to be hair gel. *Looks at the pic again*

Our extemporaneous preparation was Whitfield’s Ointment BPC 1973, which sadly, I did not have enough time to triturate it thoroughly so I think it was not as viscous as I think it should be.

Yours Truly after our exhausing 3 and a half hours practical!

Snapshot of Microbiology lab where we observe microorganisms

A few days ago, NST reported about the dispensing separation between doctors and pharmacists. Of coz, I totally agreed with MPS’s decision to allow the separation.

I say this not because I am a pharmacy student, but I truly think patients will benefit most from this implementation. When we have cancer, we go to see cancer doctors. And if we have a brain-related disease, we will go and see the neurologist, right? Who goes to the general practitioner for EVERYTHING?

Specialists are there to help us better, and in this case I see pharmacists as a specialist in medicines and drugs. Besides, M’sia is not the first country to try and implement this. Many countries have already acknowledged this separation where doctors diagnose and pharmacists dispense. Positive responses have been received from the public. Hence, I fully and totally support the separation.

I know Hanson will object to this. He has already debate with me about this. Bluek:P
Though I like the compounding part of my course, sadly, my professor says that pharmacists rarely do compounding work anymore, but more towards dispensing medicine.

And finally…random pic of the day

I took this pic at a stall in Sg Wang. Really like how everything looks so colourful and sweet! Btw, those strawberries really taste yummylicious! Just that it was freakin’ expensive-lah.


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