Tuesday, April 01, 2008

time passes so quickly

so much things had happen these past few weeks that I find myself pretty overwhelmed by everything. It seems like that there is just not enough hours in a day. With neverending amount of reports and assignments, plus finals coming up in a few weeks time, it seems like blogging might be a waste of time. But, well, cannot really help it. When a girl's got to blog, she just have to blog.

21/03/2008: Went to National Library.

Waiyin asked me to accompany her to National Library coz she wants to look for a book there. Coincidentally, I was having lunch with Hanson that day so he came along. We walked back from UKM fac to our hostel because there were not any buses. Then, we walked from our hostel to National Lib. I would not mind walking if it was not because it was so damn freakin' hot that day. I swear, I will never be fair-skinned for my whole life because of the stupid weather in M'sia.

Some random pics of the NatLib. I have not been here, I think, since I was in primary school. It has changed vastly, but I dunno if for the better. Honestly, the system to search for the books here just does not seem useful at all. In the end, we all have to manually look for the book ourselves.

Plus, the freakin' place where we put all our bags and belongings stink of stupid bleeping cigarette smoke.

31/03/2008: Ching Meng at Tanjong Malim and Semenyih.

Tanjong Malim, my mom's hometown

Went to Tanjong Malim to pray my great grandparents' graves. Honestly, Tg malim reminds me a lot of Ipoh Old town, so quiet and peaceful, with no signs of modernity. I dunno how I will survive there. Looks kinda boring.

We had curry mee and yong tau foo for breakfast


After that, we head to Nirvana Memorial Park to pray to my grandparents' graves. The freakin' traffic jam on the way there made it so damn uncomfortable for me, squeezed at the back of my uncle's Naza Ria.

I took this pic coz I like how the fire looks on film

Then came the heavy downpour.
The freakin' traffic jam
Flood on the way home

Words cannot describe how terrible the ride home was. The heavy rain afterwards not only make the jam worse, but cause flood everywhere. I can just say that my whole Ching Meng day started from 6am-6pm.

Oh well, we only do this once a year, so I guess I should not complain so much, right?

Btw, on a totally unrelated note, Mom finally bought for me this cool earrings hanger thingy to keep my huge amount of collection of earrings!

Super lurve it!!!

And I bought another pair of really cute earrings when I went out with Janice last Monday!

Also, I got a pair of new Reebok kicks! The story is this, I was in the hostel when my Mom called and say that someone broke into our house's shoe closet. Can you freakin' believe that? Thieves will go all the way. Anyways, my new shoes are kept inside so those were safe and most of my shoes are inexpensive (in other words, kinda cheap-lah). However, Mom's expensive leather and sports shoes were all stolen. So I accompanied Mom to Leisure Mall to buy a new pair of sports shoes. SInce there was a sale, so...

I copped these!

Its pink and so pretty! Ok, I sound like a bimbo...

Anyways, exams are coming up so gotta ciao to study!

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