Sunday, September 12, 2010

it has been 35 days since i last blogged a proper long post~

“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look FEAR in the eye. Do the thing you think you cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Ola! It’s been a while since I have blog a proper post. For anyone who still bothers reading my blog, I bet you are bored of all my short posts already. Sorry, study life has been really overwhelming lately. What with the ongoing thesis work, now comes the clinical attachments that take so much of my time, energy and sleep. Now that I am having a mid-sem break (a short one at that), I thought I will indulge a little and blog about stuff that has been going on lately. There has been a lot happening. For those who add me on facebook will most probably seen photos but in my blog, you will just get a summary. Haha.

----------------------sang yat fai lok------------------

Last weekend, I went to a BF gathering in celebration of Valerie’s 23rd Birthday. It has not been that long since I last saw the BF gang, considering I went to Benjamin’s birthday just last month. But I was so happy to see Jino, Yin Ching and Si Toh who did not make it to Ben’s 23rd. Yin Ching is still as chatty as ever and I am so proud of her for coming tops as best student in her major in UM. Also, equally happy to see is Jino who never fails to crack me up, even from the moment he stepped into Valerie’s house. Now if only I can meet Wai Yin and Suzanne, both of my close buds who did not attend both birthdays. Where in the world are you guys? LOL~

IMG_6894 46660_433626749706_516014706_4848025_5882546_n

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- All photos courtesy of Valerie, the birthday girl. Too bad the group pic is missing Jino & Ben who came a little late. Miss you guys all a lot -

----------as our lives change, we still remember-------

Just the day before, I went to Leisure Mall to meet up with some old primary schoolmates. Yes, it has been that long. I met Steph and Jag not too long ago, in another reunion so I was especially ecstatic to meet Arnidcha and Raveena. I was especially envious hearing Ravee got to go Oman for her industrial training, all expenses paid for by her uni, USM. Wth? That is so cool okay? Jagdeesh also gave us some Russian pistachios chocolate to try. At first we were doubtful as the only person who could read the label is the person who is giving it to us. Lol. But the verdict? Sweet and yummy~

sktc sktc2

- All photos courtesy of Stephanie’s camera. There are more but since I look like crap that night, I decided not to post them. Lol. Cannot blame me. The night before I had a late-nighter preparing for my clinical case presentation and then stuck for more than 2 hours on the journey from HUKM to Setapak, stuck for yet another hour from Setapak to Leisure Mall, circled the parking lot for umpteenth of times before finally meeting the girls. So yes, I was kinda late when I arrived but hey, better late than never? -

-----------Oishi-sona ryori--------------

The month of August also marks an important date – My mom’s birthday. This year, my aunt decided to treat my mom Japanese for her birthday. As usual, I tagged along. Nyehehehe. The destination is Ikkyu at Faber Towers, somewhere on the way from Mid Valley to Cheras. The food is plenty and pretty cheap for Japanese but it was okay, not really fantastic. Maybe it’s because I have had better Japanese food before. But overall, it was delicious enough for me to finish my dish.

IMG_6707 IMG_6712

-----------Vivir Para Comer-----------------

As for me, I treated Mom to La Bodega. This is our 2nd time there. With my mom, she is not really adventurous to try new places unless her friends or colleagues bring her there first. The food is still great, although not as great as the first time. We actually ordered two different tapas and I actually love both of them so much. My mouth is watering now, like literally, looking at these pics. Of course, we had to have the Lamb Chuletas as well. They were delicious:)

IMG_6567 IMG_6579

- Both the tapas that we ordered. I think the 2nd one is more sinfully delicious. I swear, if I keep eating food like this, my arteries will be clogged in no time. Sigh. There are more pics on my facebook. -

-------------------La Dolce Vita---------

After meeting up with Form 6 friends and primary schoolmates, I also find myself going out often with my uni friends. It doesn’t help that the girl living with me likes going out so much and another friend who is a movie addict. No wonder I am always broke by the end of the week :( Together with either or both of them, I have watched many movies – Love in Disguise, Repo Men and Tekken. And also tried many wonderful food in Pavilion.

memoirs¿028 memoirs¿033

- We had lunch at Athena’s , a Greek restaurant. The food is good, love the fish. Lol. And then a friend treated us to heavenly cheese cupcakes at The Loaf, under my recommendation. Nyehehehe. -

IMG_6823 IMG_6827

IMG_6841 IMG_6796

- We had dinner at Michelangelo’s, an Italian restaurant (no, not on the same day). My pasta was surprisingly good, albeit a little spicy but I was a little disappointed in the drinks. Wished I wasn’t so broke, would love to have ordered the fish dish, sounds yummy. And of course, who can forget the ultimate indulgence, Shimino’s wraps. I totally love my ice-cream wrap. I can eat it whole day. -


It is difficult to find time to go out with my roommates lately because of our busy and conflicting schedules but after rescheduling so many times, we finally found the time to visit MOFEW 2010 at Mid Valley. I was especially excited because it was my first time going to an online bazaar after reading it again and again in blogs. Of course, even much happier is I managed to copped some cool items at the bazaar. Really happy I went and I wished I can go again. If only, their venues are not always so far away :(

IMG_6631 IMG_6641

IMG_6657 IMG_6663

- After spending hours shopping, we had lunch at a Korean restaurant, Kyung Joo. It has been so long since I last had Korean and I love it~! The meat were so tender and juicy, the ddokbugi was orgasmic, and you can see from the pic above, my mouth was full almost the whole time. Yeah, I have a thing for Korean food. Why was I not born there? Lol. -

--------------bon appetit!!--------------

Yesterday, I went to this quaint pattiserie in Imbi after reading it from Kim In Pink’s blog. No, I dunno her but I sometimes follow her blog because her photos are nice and her fashion style is cool :) I have been mesmerised ever since I saw the photos in her blog and I have been pestering my friends ever since, telling them about this place. Finally, my Mom agreed to bring me there. Anyway, the place is too awesome to be blogged about here. I will save it for my next post since I took so many photos of the place. Here is a little preview, in case my next post is another decade away.


IMG_6990 IMG_6954

-----------------my two cents---------------

Right, so after blogging about my updates, here is me blogging about my thoughts. After staying at home for 3 days lazying around and being up to no good, it is paramount I start doing serious work but not before I blog about this. I got inspired after reading someone else’s post but here it is, my secret thoughts when it comes to love and relationships:

  1. I secretly believe that love never lasts.
  2. For a relationship to lasts, I secretly think you need be with someone you truly like, no matter how long it takes for him to appear.
  3. I secretly fancy guys who have pierced ears. Not too many until he looks freakish. But when I see a guy who is not that good-looking but has pierced ears, I stop to give him another glance.
  4. I secretly loathes guys who dressed like small kids.
  5. I secretly thinks guys look their best when dressed in formal wear. Not drabby formal, but nice ones. I think it makes them look more handsome than before :)
  6. No matter if the guy is not good-looking or has a poor attitude, if he is a gentleman, he totally have my votes. I mean, really, we all sometimes wish chivalry is not dead right?
  7. I secretly think being a spinster is alright, as long as society can just freaking leave you alone.
  8. I think if a guy makes me laugh, it can help lose the any awkwardness between us.

There. Here is my list of thoughts. Just wanna share it :) Toodles…good night world…


Suzane Mah said...

u c la i owes bother to follow ur updates wakaka....ya i agree to ur thoughts 100% ly hehehe..gudluck babybeh..let's us nt be desperate when it comes to relationship.just be patient and wait till d end for the one!!! i think thr 'r lots of things out thr to b explored rather than juz pak tor wakakaka...k la babai baybeh!!!!~SHERO~

p.s.:haha just try to erase ur memory regarding my impian that i used to tell u n ming2 when we were 1st yr, k....last time i was too small..u knw la..

ciao bella!

Aili said...

I'm in for no2, 5 and 6.... haha......

cLaRa said...

agree with 2,3,5,6,8!!! for 1, maybe.. as we had chatted before, there will be no more love after married for years.. haha

Aili said...

adding no8 to my list which is extremely important..... a guy with sense of humour... hehe.....

FIFIONA said...

wah x sangka my list will have so many "fans"...hahaha...i guess us girls do think alike...

suzane > yalor, i still rmb my shock when i first heard it...glad u have finally changed ur mind...maybe its bcoz u have passed that expired age d...

aili > ya babes...i just added no. 8 last nite...hehehe...yup being funny is important too :)

clara > yala we have chatted all this before, no surprise u agree with the most things there...LOL...

Ultraman Jino said...

i saw my name! haha. glad to see you there too.

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

FIFIONA said...

haha so happy to see u and all the rest of the bf glad we always kept in touch =)



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