Saturday, August 01, 2009

and now that my sudden quarantine week is almost over

Why am I always feeling depressed?

Today is Saturday. Tomorrow is Sunday. And then the day after is Monday.

*Sigh* How fast time passes. Tomorrow I will be going back to Setapak and Monday, classes will resume back to normal.

So before I go back to my "stress-hole", here is a short quickie on my one week break.

Finally I completed my small diy project. Thanks to Ah Wei for accompanying me to buy the studs =) Read more about it *here*

Retail pharmacy and hospital pharmacy side-by-side

Yesterday I followed my Mom to SIME DARBY HEALTHCARE (previously known as SJMC - Subang Jaya Medical Centre) for her annual medical check up. I was very impressed by how organized and modern-looking SJMC was (although the parking bays should be expanded) I was initially thinking of applying to do my LI here next year, but judging from the distance and traffic from my house to this hospital, maybe it is not such a good idea after all.

I got so excited when I saw the bunting for PET/CT scan. The reason being just last week I had my first class on Nuclear Pharmacy and the lecturer mentioned that SJMC is one of the few places that have this sophisticated (and highly expensive) diagnostic machine, mainly used to detect tumors. There are more of these machines in KL, in other states they have only one or none at all.

Mom had to do several tests and although doing each test is really quite brief, the waiting period is really long. There were so many people that day. But best thing is, not only each waiting room is air-conditioned, but there are televisions! Yes, with Astro too! In the diagnostic imaging waiting room, I was watching "Over My Dead Body" (Eva Longoria) which was so funny that I was slightly disappointed I did not get to finish the movie. Lol.

And so, after the hospital visit, we went to Berjaya Plaza because Mom wanted to do a re-dye job since her white roots are showing. Since I was already there at the saloon, I had a haircut too. But people will probably not notice it because it is nothing drastic. Just shorten my fringe and re-layer my hair. I know, I am pretty boring :(

On the way to Bukit Bintang area, however, I spotted this vandalism on one of the Pudu Prison murals. What do you think? Pretty funny to me, and pretty creative also lar.

Had dinner at SWEETCHAT where I had the noodle salad. Yum yum. The sauce is fantastic, I tell ya ;)

And to end my outing that day, Mom and I went out to watch "THE PROPOSAL". Finally! This is one of the movies I really wanted to watch since knowing Sandra and Ryan are in it.
So I am not going to elaborate much on the storyline. Sure, the storyline sounds pretty much like the generic, totally run-of-the-mill kind of plot. Boy hates girl. Girl also hates boy. Some difficult circumstance came up and boy + girl have to pretend to be a couple. Through everything that happens, boy and girl falls for one another. The end. Oh, and I forgot "they lived happily ever after".

Lol. Do I sound very cynical there?

Anyway, if there is one thing I want to say, is just to watch this movie not because of the generic storyline, but because of all the witty dialogues and great acting from Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. I knew this movie is going to be funny, but didn't expect it to be THIS DAMN FREAKIN' FUNNY! LOL!

Ryan Reynolds, I remember him best from "Two Guys, A Girl and A Pizza Place" (that TV comedy - does anyone still remember it?) and OMG, he look so hot in Wolverine as well. And then Sandra Bullock, whom I always love as an actress, she will always be that lovable "Miss Congeniality". Together, they have such great and believable chemistry that I would think something would have sparked, if not because I knew both are already happily married.

Yes, I totally have a crush on RYAN REYNOLDS. The guy is so hot and handsome. Totally not the skinny guy from TV I once knew. Too bad he is already married to the bombshell Scarlet Johansson.
Ryan and Sandra during the premiere

I don't even have a favourite scene. I love all of them because they all made me laugh. Do go watch it, it is seriously funny wei...

And so that ends my week.

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