Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Day 4: Khao San and Platinum

Continuing on to Day 4 at Bangkok. Today, we knew we were going to go shopping at Platinum but wanted to go somewhere for breakfast. Clara saw that Starbucks at Khaosan Road had a really beautiful interior and since I was such a coffee addict, we decided to head there in the morning.

Khaosan Road is also away from the shopping centre of Bangkok and nearer towards the old town of Bangkok, therefore only can be reached by taxi. It is basically full of foreigners to your right and to your left. There are also many backpackers' joints here and American-style pubs so I imagined it must have a quite "happening" nightlife here. 

Somehow I loved all those signboards, it's such a signature of Khaosan Road

So many pretty coffee cafes found along the road
We had breakfast from this street food stall and it was good!
A proper brunch
We were actually practically craving for wi-fi, so when we spotted the "Free Wifi" sign outside this restaurant, we instantly went for it. Needless to say, during the whole meal, no words were exchanged as everyone was busy on their smartphones. Le sigh.

After brunch, we started looking for Starbucks just to find out that it has been relocated and is now undergoing renovation. How sad right! But I was still craving for coffee so we went to one of those coffee cafes nearby. 

Found one called True Tone (has free wifi too, win!).

It has such a cosy interior right

I love this place because of its lovely cosy ambience and interior. There were many vintage stuff on display too, much to the delight of a vintage lover like me.

Outside another cafe
Outside True Tone were also other coffee cafes that had such interesting exteriors. I took so many photos of just these cafes lol.

One thing I would often do when I go on trips is to send postcards back to myself. So when I asked the coffee barrister if there were any post offices nearby, he very kindly gave me the directions and the address of the post office. I really appreciate my travel buddies who hunted for the post office with me. Along the way we passed by so many western-type restaurants. 

Finally after delivering my postcards, we wanted to look for a taxi to bring us to Platinum Mall. Somehow we stumbled upon one of the many "wats" situated around the old town area.

This one is actually called Wat Bowonniwet Vihara (according to the signboard since we found it by accident).

Democracy Monument
Finally time for more shopping! There were still lots of items on my list that I had not yet gotten!

The last time I been here, Platinum was not as big. Now, it is humongous consisting of 3 buildings! You can find absolutely any type of clothing here. I only wish that firstly, I had a trolley bag to carry my purchases. Trust me, carrying plastic bags ain't so great after 2 hours. Secondly, more money! So I don't have to think about budget when I shop. And thirdly, more luggage space (and wardrobe space as well!). I can stay here whole day if they let me.

Platinum Mall is actually a short walk from our hotel, around 10 minutes.

This was the grilled meat from our 2nd day, we bought them again
For our last night at Bangkok, we decided to go for seafood, a must at Thailand.

Although the food was good, but it was so expensive that we really felt that we got cheated. Anyway, it is also a good experience. Next time we MUST check prices before ordering!

Decided to spend the rest of our money buying food stuff at Gourmet Supermarket, Siam Paragon :)

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