Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pangkor Days

In September of oh-twelve, another memorable trip happened.

This time the destination to the island of Pangkor, Perak. With BF friends. It was a short trip, just the weekend but food and jokes were aplenty throughout the whole journey.

pic credit: phon
The 10 of us started our journey in 2 cars, stopping for breakfast at Old Town in what was terrible weather conditions - strong winds and heavy rain during wee hours of morning.

Oppa gangnam style fever
Lunch time! Food was awesome, I really don't know how my friends always seem to know where to find good eats, no matter whichever states we are in.

Finally, we arrived at Anjungan Resort:

Swimming pool shaped like a boat
The place where we stayed during the weekend was so awesome I am going to put the link *here* LOL. We booked the family room for 4 pax.

snippets of our room

Moi roomies
The room had 2 storeys. Wished it was slightly bigger coz we had 6 girls lol. But it was real comfy and sometimes too comfortable that we really don't feel like leaving the room!

Picturesque view
As soon as we arrived and unpacked our belongings, it was time to head for the beach, which was strategically located right opposite our resort. Goodness knows how long it has been since I last went to a beach. Lucky for us it was almost sunset as we swam in the water, so it was not too hot.

pic credit: phon
As us girls swam, the guys build the fire. I felt bad because it was such a tough job building a fire from scratch, and then making sure it is fiery enough for barbecue-ing. Definitely not easy, really applaud the guys. I didn't really help much since my wilderness survival skills are practically non-existent. I will die if they throw me inside a forest :(

That night we had barbecue dinner by the sea with flashlights guiding us. One of my favourite moments was just sitting by the beach with the waves crashing onto my legs as I looked up at the night sky. Really relaxing and I don't mind doing that for hours.

On that same night, the party continued at the guys' room where we had a small birthday celebration surprise for Wai Loon! I don't think he was that freaked out lol but it was a real memorable moment too =)

Favourite photo! Pic credit: Phon
Alas, the next day was our last day at Pangkor.

Pic credit: Mel
The morning started off with breakfast done in what else but BF style - bread with kaya and butter topped off with cheezels and twisties. Surprisingly it tasted good. I had fun making them for others as well.

Some of them swam in the pool, some went to the beach to enjoy the view, some just sat at the deck chairs while some relaxed in the room. One remained asleep all the way.
Me: Phon, what is the check-out time?
Phon: When Phak Hoe wakes up.
Me: =.=!!
And trust the guys to deliver our food supplies to the pool - just throwing them from the balcony =.=!

the next kpop boyband. pic credit: phon
Before we knew it, it was time to pack our stuff, bade goodbye to Anjungan, got into a van and then took a boat back to Lumut.

Some fun photography sessions ensued while waiting for our boat. How coincidental that our boys were all dressed in white tees. Nobody asked them to posed this way as well. Apparently, they all just thought it was "cool". Posers =.=!
Blurry sunset
One last food destination needed - seafood at Tanjong Karang with sunset view :)

The sunset aptly symbolize the end of our short but fun trip. It was time to head back to reality, back to KL. So sad :(

P.S. I know the pic is crappy. Took it with Iphone.

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Thanks for the post! Reading it made me relive that trip all over again. And hahaha I remember that conversation about PK waking up :D



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