Saturday, January 05, 2013

Ipoh food brings KL friends together

Wanted to write a nice post to start off 2013 but didn't know what to write about. The usual route would be of course, a recap for 2012.

How was 2012 for me? Well, it was good but also bad. It was the year I officially made the move from a houseman to a fully registered pharmacist, complete with license and all. But now, I am stuck with a job that leaves me confused and at times, unsatisfied.


But the highlight of 2012 was all the wonderful trips I took, made sweeter with the best travel companions. One of it was the BF trip to Ipoh back in June 2012.

Honestly, I don't really travel much around Malaysia. There are only 3 places in Malaysia I feel is worth travelling to - Malacca, Penang and Ipoh. Because these places offer the most awesome food!  Best part of this trip is that we have Ipoh people (well, partially) to bring us to all the best places offering local delights :)

pic credit: Phon
The participants

#1: We start off our food adventure in Ipoh with brunch at a coffee shop absolutely packed with people. Custard was so sweet, so heavenly for sweet tooth people like me. We also ordered a few other dishes - satay of meat and innards, chee cheong fun and soup noodles.

Suzanne brought along her polaroid camera. Her film is awesome with coloured frames! How coincidental is the fact that her nail polish was matchy-matchy with the polaroids?

#2: After brunch, time for tau foo fah! Thankies to the guys who braved the long queue to get us some famous and delicious tau foo fah.

#3: Lunch was "yim kuk kai" (salted chicken) bought from a famous shop. We practically ate both the chicken down to its bones. It was salty but so so delicious. As you can see from the photo above, why use chopsticks when we can use hands? Lol.

#4: Dinnertime! One cannot go Ipoh and not try their famous "nga choy kai" (bean sprouts and chicken). This is practically the most well-known dish of Ipoh. We went to the same place that Suzanne used to bring me when I visited Ipoh back in 2007. This place is famous but notorious for its long waiting time as only one man is preparing all the dishes.

#5: Suppertime! I seriously don't know how I was able to digest that amount of food in the 24 hours time span. Although it was kind of late, surprisingly there were still so many people having supper that night. Sotong rojak and mixed fruits ice kacang with ice-cream was our choice for late-night meal.

We went back tired but with our stomachs full. Suzanne's grandmother so graciously allowed us to stay at her house during the weekends.  

#6: Day 2 started off with brunch at Foh San restaurant, the restaurant well-known for its dim sum. I also came here back in 2007 but the place has changed much since then. They renovated the place to a much bigger venue, to accomodate the increasing crowd, no doubt. However, the taste has changed too. It was not as delicious as I remembered it to be, sadly.

But, we still ate to our hearts' content.

#7: And after that, we went back again to the same coffee shop the from previous morning to meet Melody's cousin and his family. Their daughter is so so so adorable ok. 

Ok, after all the food pictures, now are the random pics I took:

An abandoned house. It was at Concubines' Lane where rich men's mistresses used to stay back in the good ol' days. I bet this house tells many stories.

Captured this photo from inside the car. Love how the bright colours of old buildings complement the bright blue sky.

I have been thinking of getting a lomo camera for a while now but I also love polaroid cameras. We wrapped up our weekend getaway at Ipoh with this group photo.

Okay, now for more awesome pics taken by friends:

pic credit: wailoon
pic credit: phon
pic credit: wailoon
Models: Mel, Kian Ti and Ben
Photographers: Wai Loon and Phon
Location: Concubines' Lane, Ipoh

This sequence of "dramatic" photos taken at Ipoh are my all-time favourite pics because they are so funny. From jump shots to this. Only found among crazy people like BFClassmates :)


Mel said...

Omagosh. Like love! We definitely need to go back to Ipoh again. It didn't actually cross my mind that we had the heavy custard breakfast, chee cheong fun, tau fu fah, salted chicken, nga choy kay, and went to Wai Sik Kai all within 24 hours - till you mentioned it. Goodness, we have vortex tummies don't we?

Have a good week Ms Tong! ;)

FIFIONA said...

I know! And these were the ones I took photos of only. Goodness, we really have outdone ourselves.

Yes, another food trip is needed!

Thanks Mel!



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