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Hong Kong July 2013 Itinerary: Third Day (Part 2)

Continuing from my previous post, as mentioned before, it was our last day in Hong Kong so there were lots of things on our itinerary. After doing some window-shopping at Citygate Outlet Mall, we went back to our hotel to freshen up before continuing our night activities.

Our first stop was to get some dinner. We decided to go for wanton noodles as it is well-known at HK. The nearest would be at Central. So back again to Central!

#11: Eating Wanton noodles & prawn dumplings

The Mid-Level Escalators are so convenient when it comes to looking for a certain place in Central. We just have to approximate the destination using the escalators as our main landmark.

Yummy and springy wanton noodles. Don't let the looks deceive you. It may look simple but the noodles have a nice texture and the broth is sweet and light.

Of course, we also have to order the famous prawn dumplings. Big and fresh prawns yum yum.

This is the name of the place we had dinner. I forgot the name since it was so long ago. Mian-he~

Next, I asked Yi Won to accompany me to watch the "Symphony of Lights" Show again because I was so disappointed as it rained cats and dogs when we went to watch it last night. I remembered we rushed like crazy to Avenue of Stars and reached there exactly at 8pm sharp. Phew~

But all the good spots has been taken up so it was difficult to get a good shot. But I tried~

#12: Watching "Symphony Of Lights" show

We watched from the other vantage point than last night, i.e. at Avenue of Stars.

Much clearer and better shot than last night's. But I realized later on that it is still blurry.

I simply love looking at night lights of a city. I guess I am a real city girl. Looking at those bright and neon lights excites me as I feel they are so beautiful and they are the product of efforts done by many people who work hard to develop the city and made it a place so awesome for us to visit and enjoy.

#13: Visiting Avenue Of The Stars

Sadly, my camera sucks at taking night shots. Or maybe it is the unskilled me who just cannot figure out how to adjust the camera settings for splendid night shots.

I remembered taking photos of these bears at Pavilion KL during CNY this year. Hehe so happy to see these awesome art again!

Unfortunately, I dont know many HK artists as I stopped watching TVB dramas already. But since we were here, we might as well take some shots.

#14: Shopping at street market

We were quite tired after that but Yi Won would like to visit Temple Street again because the first night when we came here all the stalls were closed. Since it is within close proximity to our hotel, we decided to drop by.

Bought some souvenirs for cheap cheap prices here lol.

On our way back, we noticed this shop - Yee Shun Milk Company. Since we never tried steamed milk before, we decided to try both the hot and cold versions.

I officially declare that this is one my most favourite food ever! In fact I love it so much I had it again the next morning at HK and two more times at Macau. Thumbs up for steamed milk. Definitely must-try especically for dairy lovers like moi.

#15: Having steamed milk and other typical HK breakfast delicacies

The next day, we headed to Australia Dairy Co. for breakfast and we were met with this queue outside the restaurant.

The good thing (but sometimes bad also) about restaurant services in HK eateries is that the staff works super fast so we didn't have to wait long for our food. However, you do get rude stares if you lingered for too long in the restaurant. You are only expected to order quickly, finish your meal and then leave.

For all the hype surrounding this place, the food is fairly okay. It is delicious but not something to be entirely excited about. However, it may be a matter of comparison. Perhaps this place is better than other restaurants that have the same items on their menus. 

Btw if you want to order, you can only select from a choice of 3 menus. Each set meal comes with 2 food items + drinks.

Steamed milk. My friend commented this was better than Yee Shun, but I think otherwise. Anyway taste is subjective so you will have to try both to know which suits you better :)

Ham and macaroni. I think this was so-so. Er, I honestly don't know who came up with this dish.

Toasted bread with scrambled eggs. This one not so bad, but I preferred my eggs less buttery and oily. Again, taste is subjective.

Finally, milk tea. Perhaps due to the fact that I am a milk tea lover, I feel like the one I had in KL is better than this lol.

This has been a photo-heavy post. Next would be our short visit to Macau.

-to be continued-

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