Saturday, December 13, 2008

things i did in my holidays

Yes, I am working as a temp staff in Marine Underwriting Dept at Tokio Marine. Again, I have to face the computer and do data entry. I do like my job, but I wished I would do less mistakes. Insurance can be so confusing. And so is their data entry system...haih...

This hols does seem so short. During exams, I had a million and one things I planned to do but now, all I find myself doing is watching online dramas.

Which is a huge disappointment, considering the fact that I had initially wanted to do lots of fiction reading this hols. I am now reading another book by Megan Crane but so far, it has not been that impressive yet. Hopefully that would change as the chapters progress.

I am addicted to online dramas. It started with MNIKSS, and then I realized how many movies and dramas that I had wanted to watch all this while were all available online.

The quality is obviously questionable but as long as it doesn't burn a hole in my pocket, why the complaints?

So far, these are the K-drama, J-drama and K-movies, English movies that I have watched this holidays:


As mentioned in a previous post, this is actually my second time devouring this drama. It has totally redeemed itself as my favourite drama of all time.

I love Kim Sun-ah as the lovable tomboy Kim Sam-soon and I have fallen head over heels over Hyun Bin who plays the arrogant yet charming Hyun Jin-hyeon.

Daniel Henney as Dr.Kim is so cute although I wished he had more screening time.

I simply enjoy watching the chemistry between the two main characters. I LMAO-ed in every episode, especially when both of them fights. So damn funny and sweet.

Though it is impossible, I wished I can find a guy like Jin-hyeon. *daydreams*

Fave quote: "If you don't want to get hurt, don't fall in love." "Whenever I am faced with a difficult situation, I think to myself, at least I am still alive."
"Men marry because they are bored, women marry because of fear."

(Exact words may vary due to language translation)


I wanted to watch this movie ever since I found out that James McAvoy is in it. I love JM in Wanted and even more in Atonement. The next JM movie I want to watch is Becoming Jane.

The story sounded interesting. The theme of judging people by their looks is stereotypical but yet very much relevant, especially more in today's society, where superficial looks seems to be everything.

I love the modern fairytale settings and design. Penelope's playroom was like something from a children's storybook. I was really, in awe. Ravishing colours, imaginary settings, the works and etc.

The storyline is pretty out-of-the-box too, not the best film I ever watched but quite surprisingly good.
Fave quote: "I like myself the way I am."


Of course, I fell in love with Kim Sun-ah the actress in MNIKSS. She was simply so believable as the protagonist in Kim Sam-soon that I really wanted to watch more of her.

In S Diary also was the portrayal of Gong Yoo as one of Kim Sun-ah's ex-lovers. Many may know him as the main actor of Coffee Prince (which I haven't watched) but really, I first saw him in the series "Biscuit and Star Candy" and then later in the movie, "She's On Duty."

Kim Sun-ah plays a role totally opposite to MNIKSS, being a sex kitten and she plays it perfectly to a T. Gong Yoo was also really funny as the free-spirited grafitti artist.

Fave moment: When she plays a magnificent piano piece towards the end of the movie, after taking revenge on her lousy exes. One can see despite her revenge, she actually feels the sorrow but is ready to move on. Very enlighting moment.
Trivia: I found out that she actually majored in Piano in Ball University, USA.


Of course, since I am such a big fan of MNIKSS, I also became an instant fan of Hyun Bin. I absolutely love him as the arrogant Jin-hyeon who slowly falls in love with Sam-soon. In the beginning, he plays the dashing ice prince. Handsome and cool, easily angered, edgy and mean.

But later on as he fell in love with Sam-soon, he became this really hilarious guy. OMG, I just laughed like mad when he tries to persuade Sam-soon to sleep with him, persuades both their parents to let them be together and of course, all the sweet moments when he pulls her hand away from other guys.

Ok, I digress a lot here. Anyway, this Hyun Bin movie was simple enough and mildly interesting. It did get a bit soppy towards the end. Hyun Bin's character here did slightly resemble the one he played in MNIKSS and the girl was pretty stiff.

Overall, nice but forgettable.

No favourites here. Nothing that really catches my eye and made me go...awww...


I initially did not want to watch this because, first off, I am not really a huge fan of Japanese dramas and second, I am no fan of classical orchestra music either. Nope, I much prefer rock.

But boy, do I love this drama. Ueno Juri as the title character, Nodame, was simply awesome. I lurve her cuteness and innocence. Chiaki, although he seems angry most of the time, was simply funny, dashing and oh-so-sweet:)

I have gained a new appreciation for classical music after watching this. I am not going to fall in love with it, but at least, now I won't think of it as a boring genre anymore.

Nodame and cute, I wished there were more episodes of their adventures together.
Fave quote: I forgot the exact words but I like Chiaki's advice to Nodame to face her music seriously. My fave moments definitely when he hugged Nodame and holds her hands. It came all of a sudden since he is pretty much an ice prince.


This is a drama that I am currently watching. Already, the first episode has got me laughing like mad.

I love Lee Dong-gun in "My Boyfriend is Type B" and he has teamed up with my fave actress, Kim Sun-ah in this antique/relic finding adventure kind of drama.

Lee Dong-gun was absolutely hilarious as the narcissistic guy who aims for fame. He suits the role so perfectly.


This is a movie that I want to watch but has no time since I am busy working in KL now...*sighs*

P.S. As the days pass by, I am getting more worried when my results will be out. I know I did badly for my exams. I don't know if I can survive this hurdle this time around...


mel said...

hey you watched nodame cantabile! fave of mine! it's good, ain't it?

and s diary also! i liked how they talked openly bout relationships and stuffs. :)

FIFIONA said...

yes i love these shows!!! haha, my friend said she watched these shows a long time ago but nevertheless i still love watching them!!!!:)



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