Saturday, December 06, 2008

week recap:second week of holidays - short and simple two things

So it is confirmed. I am going to be working after all this hols. Starting next Tues. No, the job has nothing to do with Pharmacy and if your hols are less than three months, pls don't ask me to get you a job as well.


Yes, only two things this week so far.

I feel like all I ever do is take pics of Christmas deco wherever I go.

In the midst of my CNY shopping now. As you know, CNY falls in January 2009 so now would be about the right time to shop for new clothes.

But I don't like sales. Overcrowded people, poor service, difficulty in looking for right size and colour. No siree, bargains may excite me, but only for a moment. Unless, of course, I am the only customer so I do not need to push people around fighting for clothes.

Sales sometimes bring out the worst in people.

Anyway, on December 4th, finally had a chance to meet up with malau and wooying (monkey & lalat). Came really late because on that freakin' day, the freakin' petrol station had to freakin' closed for renovation. Ok, wait, I should not give excuses anymore (part of my early new year's resolution).

I do miss both of them. We used to sit together back in VI. Wondered why we never got sick and tired of one another. Wished could see each other more frequently.

Suz C is the first to graduate. Biology in UKM is a three-year course. WY will be graduating one sem later than me since she started Quantity Surveyor in UTAR in January.

Suz C will be a housewife. Lol. WY? Something to do with children, perhaps?

Three of us shopped but I bought the least. Didn't find anything interesting enough.

Today Mom decided to continue CNY shopping in MidValley.

Well, partly to buy a dress for her annual company dinner as well. In the end, she got the evening clutch and bling-bling shoes, but no dress.

Lunch was at Little Vietnam

Bought a pair of jeans, but that's all. Still think I am going to go overbudget, like I always do, every year.

MidValley always go over-the-top in Christmas deco. This year is no exception

I have always had a fondness for FA cookies, despite their outrageous cuthroat prices

Christmas deco that, to me, slight resembles a circus deco/theme because of the ponies, elephants, colourful balls and clowns

I was totally wiped out at the end of the day. Can see from the lethargic look

Not much of a Christmas person.
For one, I don't celebrate. Two, shopping malls are packed to the brim. Three, annoying couples flaunting their PDA everywhere. Four, clothes during sales are not nice. Wait, I am being such a scrooge.
Sorry really tired right now. After watching Nodame, I will go take nap.

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