Sunday, December 21, 2008


I just realized Mario Lopez is such a hawtttt guy!!!!

Feeling a bit emo today.

Nothing much has been "happening" these few weeks, been working everyday from 8.30am to 5.30pm, and then pretty much just zoned out at home afterwards.

During the weekends, been shopping with my mom and my aunt, well, mostly they DO their shopping. I just act as the handbag-carrier, and help them get their sizes. Haha. It gets tiring after a while, since my aunt can be so indecisive as well when it comes to buying clothes.

I have finally adjusted myself to my job. Going to work doesn't feel so taxing nowadays anymore. Working in Tokio Marine definitely was a much different but better environment than back at Reliance. Lunch hours are spend with mom if she doesn't have any lunch appointments. I like the fact that there are always tonnes of work here, because when you are so busy doing work, you feel like time passes very quickly.

Results should be out any time now. I dread it everytime I hear my handphone's message tone. I really do. Probably because I know this time around, I did not put in as much effort as I was supposed to. It is a horrible feeling, really. But all I can do is wait for that horrible message arriving telling me to check my results online. Meanwhile, I have also prepared myself for things I have to do in case I get below 3.0. All the form-filling, form-signing, meeting the dean, etc. I wished I didn't have to do that but based on what I went through for exam, somehow I feel like this is something I need to do.

I am looking forward to my Bangkok trip next week. It is the only thing that I feel good about this holiday although I have now cut my shopping list in half due to budget constraint. I despise the fact that once I get into this shopping zone/mood, I start being obssessed, really. Somehow my wish-list gets longer and longer. Haih...I have already shopped to the point where my heart is telling me it is enough but somehow my brain is not registering that fact. Somehow, these buys of mine does make me happy. Maybe I am pretty superficial, but who cares?

New year means new year's resolutions. And I have a few in mind now. As always, I want to focused on my studies, first and foremost. Everything else, I supposed, will be secondary.

Will not be able to update so often as I want since my laptop is so lousy and so is the connection. For this blog to survive so long and me to update so often, I can safely say blogging is part and parcel of my life now. Regardless of how many readers I actually have, rest assured this blog will be around for a long time, whether it is a good thing or not, is really up to the readers. Lolz.

P.S. Pics will be up soon. There are not much so I have been waiting for it to accumulate so I can post them all up at once.

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