Saturday, September 19, 2009

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Hotness alert!

With the depart of 2pm's leader Jaeboem, now my favourite member has shift to geek-turned-hot-rapper Taechyeon of 2pm. Check out his collaboration with Baek Ji-young in this song: "Candy to my ears".


Nothing much to update about…life is kind of bland nowadays…

I am really glad for this Mid-sem one week break…it is good to relax for a while before the upcoming gruelling pre-exam weeks.

#1: Visit to Putrajaya Hospital (11th September 2009)


As I mentioned in my previous post, we third-years had our second Nuclear Pharmacy visit to the Nuclear Medicine Department of Putrajaya Hospital two weeks ago. (Sad thing is we had to write a report afterwards…knew this trip was too good to be true).

I think the visit was quite interesting and gave me a good outlook in terms of the perspective from a pharmacist working under nuclear pharmacy in a hospital.

We were divided into 4 sub-groups to visit 4 different sections – the Production room, Quality Control room, PET/CT scan room and finally, the control room.

pic1 pic2

The bus dropped some of us at the main lobby, and because yours truly was one of the few last ones to get down from the bus, a few of us were dropped near the main auditorium. We were here for the staff to meet and greet us, as well as to listen to two brief introductory presentations on the nuclear medicine department here in Putrajaya Hospital. Overall, the talk was very interesting, much better than going for boring theory classes back at fac.


The first destination of Group 2 – we get to go to authorized personnel area! Woo-hoo!


But before that, we have to put these ugly blue cover-ups over our shoes


Sia and Teo (of Group 4) inside the room…we were not allowed into the actual production room because it was a sterile clean room. We did go inside the QC room, which was filled with all kinds of laboratory equipment for the numerous tests (seven, to be exact) of radiopharmaceuticals


After that, we went next door to the PET/CT scan room where usually cancer patients get their diagnostic imaging. A PET/CT allows us to see not only the anatomical parts, but also the physiological organs of patients’ body. Pic on the left is the entrance whilst pic on the right is a lead shield to protect the staff. After a patient is injected with radiopharmaceuticals, he/she can emit radiation, so it is better to shield oneself from them.


Inside the actual PET/CT scan room. Because the pics are not allowed to be viewed publicly, I have decided to not post them anywhere (only for private viewing). Above is the only pic I will post of how the actual PET/CT scan machine looks like. One of these can cost millions.

pic4The nurse who gives us the explanation is holding up an example of how a scan image looks like after the patient undergoes the PET/CT scan. It is different from X-ray because it gives a more 3D image.

pic5We cannot resist cam-whoring next to the super expensive and hi-tech machine. PET stands for Positron Emitter Tomography.

pic11 pic17

Because my group was the first to finish visiting all 4 sections, we had plenty of time to cam-whore around the department building. Pic on left with Carolyn, who was also in Group 2 with me. Pic on right with Wai Kuan, after her group finished. (Hehe, that pic made us missed the first bus going back to UKM)

pic12 Group 2 members – Lay Sin, Carolyn and the blogger

pic13 Group 2 members – Carolyn, Ka Wei, Mui Wen, Kah Hang and Lay Sin

pic16 Mixed groups – Sze Wei, Lay Sin, Ai Li, Wei2, the blogger, Huey Pin, Terev, Sin Wei


More random photos: Pic on left is me posing with a funny signboard we saw when Lay Sin and I went to search for the ladies’ at the main hospital building. Pic on right taken of Terev (from Group 3) when we cross paths on my group’s way to the Control Room.

After our interesting trip, we had to go back to campus for our PBL quiz no. 3 on Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. Kesian right? We were all so exhausted but still have to study…

pic18 For those who saw Sia’s blog would know how she posted awful pics of me taking nap in the bus. So this is revenge. Haha. These pics are priceless because she is so hyper-active all the time. Taken in the library. LOL.

pic19A closer look

#2: Majlis Berbuka Puasa @ KTSN ( 15th September 2009)

p7 p4

On Tuesday last, I finally had the chance ( ! ) to wear my baju kurung that I have not touched since 3M orientation week back in first-year. We had a Majlis Berbuka Puasa with the staff and students of Faculty of Pharmacy at KTSN.

p6 p1

p2 Us seven fairies sat together at table no. 18 but we were later joined by 3 guys; Yu Siang, Ka Wei and Hock Peng


At first Sia sat next to me but when she went to the stage, Ai Li baybeh sat next to me. Needless to say, Sia was not very pleased. Hehe. Shhh…Ai Li baybeh is wearing a retro baju kurung. Hohoho.


We can finally eat our dinner after all the speeches and talk. The food was okay but sadly not very adequate, especially since our table had boys. I feel kinda bad for the guys not able to eat much after letting us girls take the food first. But it is good that they were such gentlemen. Makes me proud that chivalry still exists, and in Pharmacy too! =)



Ultraman Jino said...

don't you think the hosp looks like a hotel? its so grand. too grand to be a hosp >.<

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

FIFIONA said...

is that not good? so the patients can feel special instead of felling sick?

cLaRa said...

berani u! barangkali menghina I in the blog. dahlah dun wan use camera to take pic on me, mahu rampas aili baybeh lagi!!

FIFIONA said...

hoho, kesian sia...menghina u is mmg my hobby...actually i didnt know u were x in the pic at all that day, coz i got passed my camera to janice oso...u la, x proactive to wanna take pic...ceh ai li baybeh dun belong 2 u k? perasan...

Aili said...

wa.... looks like i'm caught in a love triangle with u guys.... i'm so touched..... Don miss me in holiday o....Hehe....

N Fiona, berani u said my baju kurung retro...... it's smart having a sponge there k.....

FIFIONA said...

ai li baybeh...u shud x miss me during ur hols...hehe..ya ya sponge good to hold boiling hot pots and pans...LOL

yS said...

Miss Fiona, i sat at the table 1st ok, nt u all were later joined by's totally the other way round..hahaha...n becos u all were like VVIP, came later than lecturer...hoho...

FIFIONA said...

Mr. Lim, ok-lor my mistake...hehe..should be only TWO guys joined us later...hahaha...negligible already lor u...;)

no no, not because we are VVIP, but we are smart ok? See, luckily we don't have to wait such a long time for food....

cLaRa said...

pity Mr.Lim, the one who cannot wait to eat malay food, so come so so early n finally he can only eat a bit..

FIFIONA said...

ROFL...Clara u mmg evil...kesian Mr. Lim...;)



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