Sunday, September 06, 2009

you’ll never guess her secret, rest in pieces and d-i-y card

I am so broke already…pls do not tempt me to go shopping anymore…*sigh*…I need money!


Back for another week, very busy, but glad that mid-sem exams stress are over…

On Tuesday (1st Sept), I was supposed to have AF lab practical on fluorescence. But turns out we don’t need to do the practical because there was not any equipment in the lab. Although I was ecstatic we did not have to do lab, I wished they would have tell us earlier so I did not need to waste two hours on campus waiting for the lab practical to start.

On Wednesday (2nd Sept), I was supposed to visit an old folks’ home in Pudu for my Pharmaceutical Care project where we were required to check on the medications taken by the elderly to see if there are any problems. I think this project is a good thing to do and I was looking forward to it. However, on that day itself, just before we were about to go, the manager of the home called to say that there was a diarrhoea outbreak in the home, so our trip was postponed to next Wednesday.

On Thursday (3rd Sept), I went to One World Hotel, together with Carolyn Lee for the SS501 fan-meeting. The others who went were my Biomed housemates, Suzane, Ngiik Ling and Mei Chen as well as my other coursemates, Wei2, Ai Li and Wei Ping. It was a one hour journey to One World hotel, from taking a taxi to Wangsa Maju LRT station, then taking the LRT to Kelana Jaya and then another taxi to bring us to the hotel.


-I heard from my coursemate that I appeared in Sin Chew Daily as one of the fans who kena rejected…ROFL…I think it is quite hilarious really. First time go to meet stars, failed and ended up in newspaper-

Alas, despite all our efforts, we did not get to meet the boys at all. I kind of expected it, actually. Because the fan-meeting starts at 6pm and we only start to leave at 4pm. Listening to other friends, I know you have to be at the venue very very early in order to meet stars. I guess it was just not my day. Haih…

After that, the whole gang of us went to Chiguya Ramen @ One Utama Shopping Mall for dinner…

one utama1

-Me, Ai Li and Sia managed to find time to cam-whore in the toilets. LOL-

stuff to blog1

-Enjoying our dinner after not able to meet SS501-

one utama2

-I sat with the “Family” of two Carolyns and one very SS Terev-

one utama3

-Our table’s dishes. You don’t know the effort taken to make this shot. Haha-

one utama4

-The other table, so many of us…the rest have to rely on their reflections to be in the shot-

one utama5

After dinner, Ai Li, Carolyn, Terev and I decided to catch a late night movie, “FINAL DESTINATION 4”.

My verdict: It was okay-lar. The way they die is kinda scary but the after-effects were not, especially how they filmed the corpses are kinda fake actually. The storyline is pretty boring also. But overall, the scary effect is still there, but it was not as exciting compared to their predecessors. I watched FD 1, 2 and 3 as well before.

On Friday (4th Sept), 2 significant things happened today.

Firstly, I wanna wish my coursemate Kah Hang a very happy 21st birthday!!! I looked for a bday present for him but could not find anything suitable for him. Haih…I don’t like choosing bday presents for guys, very difficult. Plus, he is such a simple and un-materialistic guy, which makes it even harder. In the end, I decided to do a simple D-I-Y card for him.

bday card It is not as nice as the one he made for my birthday (pic above), but I hope he likes it. It contains birthday messages from us 8 girls – Jia Ying, me, Janice, Ai Li, Wai Kuan, Mei Chieng, Tze Im and Wei Wei (I drew little faces of us all…but I think everyone looks the same, except for Jia Ying and Wei2…LOL).

And then, in the middle of the card, is another mini card, where I want to thank Wei Wei for composing a Mandarin poem for Kah Hang and Mei Chieng for writing the poem. Also, thanks to the others who contributed in making the card, especially in writing the Mandarin proverbs.


-The blogger sempat to pose with her finished product…hopefully I can do nicer ones next time;)-

After class that day, I went to Pavilion to watch the movie, “The Orphan”, courtesy of these complimentary tickets from Fly FM. The 6 of us went, myself, Suzane, BB, Wei2, Ngiik Ling and Mei Chen.

orphan_ver3My verdict: Honestly, really scary and very nice movie! Esther, the orphan is so damn scary wei. Creepy but I like how the movie is straight to the point and not very draggy. And the story, you will never guess what is Esther’s secret…(Read Ai Li’s blog for the synopsis)…

Even during the movie, I cannot helped but laughed at Suzane and Wei2. I sat next to Suzane, and out of a sudden, she will start to scream. Scared me more than the movie itself. LOL. As for Sia, sometimes throughout the movie, I can see her face getting smaller and smaller. Why le? Because she buries most of her face in her jacket. Hahahaha. At one point, can only see her forehead only.

Too bad we did not get a chance to eat anything nice in Pavilion because by the time we reached the food court after the movie ended, it was close to closing time of 10pm. Next time maybe.

pavilion1 pavilion2

-Posing with stores that we can only see, and cannot buy. LOL-


-Outside Pavilion, and Babi Sia is wearing her new blouse. Woot woot!-

List of to-dos (still!)

PBL information, AF reports and lots of notes neglected! Still so much things to do! Sienz…


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