Sunday, July 26, 2009

after 3 weeks in UKM: 3 movies, 4 outings and lots of food later…

So many things to study, so little time...will I ever survive?


I realized I have not been updating much in this blog. Is it just me, or have I reached that plateau stage in blogs, whereby the blogger just cannot be bothered to write, or the blogger just have nothing interesting enough to write.

Have been really busy ever since returning to campus. It seems like things that need to be settle, are never-ending. Once you finish one assignment, there is another. Once you finish highlighting one bunch of notes, the next comes up. At this rate, if I don’t put in more effort, I will end up running for the train and never reaching it. Please don’t mind the analogy.

Anyway, I have a few updates I have been meaning to post in my blog, which are things that I have been up to since returning to campus in the span of 3 weeks.



First up, Happy 22nd Birthday to “Aunty” Janice (14th July) and Happy 21st Birthday to Sweet Wai Kuan (21st July)! Hope you guys had a great birthday =)


On the first day of class, my roommates BB and Suz M, as well as housemate Wei2, the four of us was out and about shopping already. BB wanted to buy some formal clothes, and Suz M was helping out with some errands.


For dinner, we went to TGI Friday’s at Pavilion. Took pic in front of the new fountain.


At the end of the day, BB had the most buys, with couple of formal blouses and formal pants, Wei2 bought a new formal blouse, Suz M (I cannot remember, some small items) and myself, I copped these sandals that I have been eyeing for a while now. It was Mega Sales and Mega Chaos at Vincci.

Thanks to my lovely roommate Suz M for dinner!


For our new schedule this semester, I am so happy to see some slots empty every Wednesday after 12pm. Apparently, our coordinator wanted us to have some time to “beriadah”. Of course, she meant time for us to divulge ourselves in co-curriculum activities, but most of us see it as time to go shopping or watch movies. Hehe...

The latter is exactly what we did for the first Wednesday. Suz M, Ngiik Ling, Wei2, Ai Li and myself went out to watch the sequel, “TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN” whilst Jia Ying, Mei Chieng and Janice went to watch “Ice Age III”.

transformers shia-labeouf-transformers

This is actually my 2nd time watching “Transformers II”. The first time was during the holidays. I had mentioned before (on facebook) that I feel like watching it again, and now I am so glad I actually did. Transformers is one of those few rare movies that you can watch again and again, and still not get bored of. In fact, I think it was better this time around because there were some parts that I did not quite get during the first time I watched it, but during the second time around, it all becomes crystal clear.

Shia Labeouf is so cute. I seriously like this guy a lot. Most people probably watched it for Megan Fox, but Shia is the one I am more fixated towards. The effects are also super awesome. The storyline, albeit a bit confusing at times, serves some great action scenes.

Thumbs-up, I LURVEEE this movie!!!

This was also the second time for Suz M, my roommate. BB, my other roommate, also watched it twice. Lol. Go roommates and Transformers!!!


We had lunch at Gasoline beforehand. It was so-so, not that great and I seriously doubt its hygiene levels.


public_enemies public-enemies-johnny-depp-marion-cotillard

Finally I had the chance to watch this much-anticipated Johnny Depp movie.

I wanted to watch it ever since I heard about it on E!News (Channel 712). I love Johnny Depp, the guy really knows how to act in that cool (and weird) manner of his. And then I watch the trailer, and I got even more hyped up about it. I had to persuade my Mom to go watch it with me. My UKM friends is not much into all the guns and 1930s’ era.

The movie was even much better that I expected it to be. Johnny Depp as John Dilinger is simply convincing. I love how cool and suave and charming he is in this movie. No wonder girls will drop to his feet, despite him being such a dangerous wanted criminal.

My favourite scenes are those times when he outsmarted the whole police and prison forces, as well as his courting scene when he met Billie. His lines during that latter scene, are so perfect, they still lingered in my head after the movie has ended.

Based on a true story, I "wiki-ed” it, and the director really followed the actual story mostly, with some minor tweaks. Definitely a must-watch!

Right now I am really into all those 1930s' era fashion. Even the men dressed in those mobster suits are so handsome!!!

I realized I am turning into an action-movies kind of girl. Well, maybe just not interested in some of the romantic comedies genre movies out there currently.

Anyway, this is the last time I am going to watch movie on a Saturday afternoon at Mid Valley. The line is incredulously long!!! It was the opening weekend for Harry Potter 6, which explains everything.



Dinner at Chan Sow Lin Fish Head Restaurant with my aunt Wendy since she came back from the U.S. two weeks ago. No, she has no H1N1.

She showed me and Mom, the stuff she bought there. Less stuff this time around compared to the last time she went. She bought a pure leather handbag for Mom and a vintage-looking polka-dotted skirt for me. I will be posting the pic of the skirt in my new blog.

Yes, I have decided to do a new secondary blog. Started it during the holidays but still under works, which is why I will not released the url just yet. It is mostly a girl’s blog, with some of the shopping stuff I buy, and clothes I wear. Will talk more about it when it is finished =)

Dinner, as usual, is scrumptious. Had to have their trademark dish of fish.



Many people have been anticipating the release of the second-last instalment of the famous HP series. I apologize to a few people who have invited me to watch the movie with them, I decided to go watch it with my housemates, because it was easier to plan that way.

And so, Wei2, Suz M, Ngiik Ling, Mei Chen and myself finally watched this much-raved-about movie. Sadly, I am very much disappointed.

I have read the book before, but it was so long ago, I didn’t really remember the storyline. I know they changed some parts in the movie, but I felt it was too long and slow. At one point, I even felt sleepy. It was unfortunately, a little tad boring.

But on a brighter note, there are some things I do like:

  • Hermione! I like Emma Watson a lot. I do wished she had more scenes in this movie, though.
  • Daniel Radcliffe looks so much better with shorter hair and I thought his performance was not bad.
  • Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy at some times, looks really good-looking in his dark suits. Except when he did those ugly scorns (he did play the bad guy part).
  • The dialogue / lines at some parts are really funny. One I can remember laughing to was when Professor McGonagall asks the trio why they are always involved whenever something happens. And Ron Weasley replies that he has been asking himself the same question for the last 6 years. LOL.


Cute display of sushi at a restaurant.


So I have heard about Krispy Kreme from The Oprah Winfrey Show. Apparently, the Great O loves it, and it is one of the oldest well-established doughnut patisseries around. So I managed to persuade the rest to try the new outlet.

We took the cheaper option. Only RM7.50 for half a dozen, cannot choose what flavours we wanted. It was okay only lar. Some were just too sweet and we all came up with the same conclusion: Big Apple doughnuts is better (although I think J & Co is also not bad lar). The KK doughnuts definitely had an unusual dough. It tastes more like cake than bread.

random updates At Krispy Kreme’s.

blog1 blog2

So that is the end of my updates. Time to hit the books, or else I will be really stressed out when classes start tomorrow. The last two photos are taken with Suz M’s new webcam. She bought a new laptop, which is super-cool.

Love the effects of her webcam. Paris and San Francisco, we were there! (we wished lar)

More of these cute shots at Suzane’s facebook.


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