Thursday, November 19, 2009

[delayed updates] food galore: of second times

Holiday mode: On

Morning: Go online
Afternoon: Nap till evening
Night: Watch TV

A life like this, I wonder how long will last. LOL.


I have not been updating my blog with much photos lately. I decided to delayed any blogging because I was in the midst of my exam preparations. And after my exams were done, I was just too lazy at home to even start blogging. Lol. Yes, that is the truth, I am really lazy. I guess my worst traits are probably my procrastination and my hot temper (especially when I am not in the mood). *Sigh*

I have been wanting to post these photos for a long time now. These are photos of food galore taken way back in September. LOL. I am glad I finally decided to blog about them.

And yes, my laptop has been reformatted (is this right? it feels wrong) AGAIN. This is the 3rd time already. The previous times were because of virus attacks. I was a lot more careful after that when it comes to downloading, however, I forgot that my hardware can also get "konked" off. Haih... So I had to replace the hard disk. All my programs are gone, including Picasa, hence I cannot edit my photos as easily as before.

#1: Dinner at Taman Rashna Chinese Restaurant.

My aunt decided to treat the family for dinner here. It is always fun when my aunt treats us for dinner because she has good taste in food. Lol. So, the food is undeniably great. I have actually been to this restaurant here before, for my late Grand Uncle's 60th birthday. The food in this place is really good but it is really far, all the way in Klang.

Yummy appetizers for headstart

Great shark fin, taste even better with vinegar ;)

Curry fish head, always a dish favored by my family

This is actually a pork dish placed in pumpkin bowls. I joked with my cousins that we can eat the bowls so the staff don't have to wash them. LOL.

#2: Max @ iHaus, Imbi

This is also my 2nd time here. Honestly speaking, there is really nothing nice to eat in Bukit Bintang area except for this place here. The first time, I did not bring my camera so I was not able to capture pictures of this place. This time around, I did not forget my trusty camera.

The name of the restaurant is quite peculiar. German, perhaps?

The interior. Mom and I sat in a secluded spot so I was not able to capture good angles of the place. I like the first pic, it was inside the secluded spot, where we sat.

Mom and I, before our meals arrived

We ordered the set lunch. Hehe. Ala carte was too pricey for lunch anyways.

Cauliflower cream soup with olive oil

Salad dish with smoked duck breast

I like this. Really pretty. It was a fish fillet dish with potatoes

Pasta dish. The sauce is heavenly.

The place looks like one of those old huge mansions at Imbi

#3: Family Mooncake dinner

On this day, it was quite funny because my cousin had a car problem and my uncle had to go get him. So we waited for them both before we can start dinner. LOL.

Scrumptious dishes from my aunt and uncle

Homemade mooncakes: One with coconut gratings inside and another one with sesame snow skin

My favorite is definitely the jelly mooncakes. So yummy!!! Red bean, corn, cheese and mango ;)

Random pic: My cousin sister has a thing for collecting all things cute. This is her mini food collection. I think they are so adorable...


yS said...

berani u show off max@iHaus here 2nd time, u still havent teach me how to go

FIFIONA said... fine day, i draw the map for u lor....wat to do, i m very bad with directions mah...haha;)

yS said...

just joking..dun take it seriously..haha



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