Friday, January 25, 2008

chow kit pizza, giant lantern, insurance card and blurry pics!!!

Every time I come back home during the weekends, I cannot resist blogging. Especially these past few weeks where there were so many events happening. Somehow, I feel like I need to control this addiction of mine. I am sure spending hours blogging is not a very healthy habit.


On Tuesday, nothing much happened. I wanted to photostat a book at Chow Kit so Suz M agreed to accompany me. We decided to call BB as well so we can all eat lunch together. Now, usually in Chow Kit, there is not many places to go to eat at. Most UKM students go to the mixed rice shop so of course, we headed there after dropping my book at the photostat shop.

On the way, however, we saw BB's coursemates, who told us that that mixed rice shop in Chow Kit was closed. Feeling disappointed, we decided to head back towards UKM and eat elsewhere but BB suggested that since we were already in Chow Kit, we might as well walk a bit further more to...yup, you can guess from the title above, to Pizza Hut!

Who knew? Chow Kit has a Pizza Hut as well. I guess you learn new things every time you are placed in a new environment. We had the lunch express - 2 personal pizzas, plus a Round Hut's Platter of fried stuff:) We were very pleased in the end eventhough it felt like we burn off our calories walking back to our faculty. It felt so FAR under the scorching heat of the afternoon.

That night was the full dress rehearsal for PAP. Again, Suz M and I went to check out the rehearsal at DSG.

Things were pretty chaotic when we reached the hall. Decor people were hard at work prepping the place. There were CNY-inspired decor at every nook and cranny of the hall. I must say, I was very impressed at how great the hall looks like. It definitely captured the very essence of Chinese New Year celebrations:)

Here are some random pics that I took:

This is actually my coursemate, Boon Yan, sitting at the pedestal, waiting for instructions to hang up the giant lantern (which is seen in the previous post)

The UKM boys hard at work preparing the ceiling decor

Janice and I were talking to Wei Han, who showed us the cracker party poppers that they were planning to use during the "perasmian" event. (Shit, I cannot remember what is the English word for perasmian!)

I took this pic after I read the instructions on the poppers. Pull up insurance card? Ohhh-kaayy *rolls eyes* Is this supposed to be some kind of lame joke? Ha-ha-ha......-.-


Everyone was so relieved that Wednesday turned out to be a public holiday because they were so much last minute preparations going on.

Since I took a lot of pics that night, I decided to split them into 2 posts to avoid any eye strains (LOL)...

To keep a long story short, I went to the hall late, got "halau" twice because there were not enough seats for the visitors, and ended up running around the whole hall during the whole event just taking photos:)


The event we have all been anticipating for...

God of Wealth
The VIPs - Datuk Ng Yen Yen (Timbalan Menteri Kewangan I) "merasmikan" our PAP and she gave a very good speech. The lady in pink is our UKM's own Naib Canselor, who came all the way from UKM Bangi!

The lion dance that greeted our VIPs

I like this pic because of the beautiful ceiling decor. The decor dept really put a lot of hard work into it!

There were a great number of my coursemates who were involved in the performances that night. Turns out Pharmacy people have a lot of hidden talent. LOL...

Sorry that the pics turned out to be so blur. As I mentioned above, I did not have any seats so I tried my best to move to the front to get some clearer pics. Needless to say, it did not work:(

Among the events that night were:

The hot dance - They shake their stuff to a Tata Young song:)

The lion dance

"Gendang 24 Musim" by UPM students - Fantastic show!

Chinese fan dance

The Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled performed 2 dances for us

Chinese Classical Orchestra

A performance by the children from a welfare foundation. So cute:P

Scenes from the drama about the Potato family depicting the importance of UNITY and RESPECT in a family


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