Saturday, January 19, 2008

my first ukm formal nite

Kelvin, if you thought my previous post was out!!!! Due to the bombardment of pics, I am reducing the sizes so it will not be sooooo loooong.....Oh, and this formal nite is organized by Pharmacy Chinese students case you do not see students of other races here....

I spend the whole morning and afternoon with Janice, Mei Chieng, Tze Im and Jia Yin getting our hair set. Then, later I went to my aunt's house to get her to do my make up before going to Janice's Buddy - Shyiang Juin's Plaza Prima apartment at Setapak to change into my outfit and accessories. A really busy day.....;P

Moi with my make up and hair done

The bus was waiting for us at Setapak but as usual, Saturday evening traffic was so bad that we got stuck on the way to our venue - Equatorial Hotel KL. We arrived so late that we were practically shoved into the hall by our seniors and 5 mins later, the event has already started.

In the bus I sat with Wai Kuan

It started with the grand entrance by our 4th year seniors. One by one came in with masks and took photos. All of us had to stand up and clapped as they make their entrance. This event is organized by our 3rd year seniors.


Our theme this year is Eye on Me

The decor was simple but elegant

The first performance of the night is by the first years - the opening dance...

As you can see, we have a shortage of guys in our Pharmacy first years that some of the girls have to pretend to be guys....LOL

Lurve this pic - footwear of the "7 princesses" - Guess which one is mine?

We each were given this as our souvenir


Genius Mei Chieng aka "No Money"

Cute Wei Wei

Halfway through the night I saw Mei Chieng and Janice suddenly put on their glasses...LOL...they look so funny that I had to snap this pic!

Janice aka "Ni Tze"

Wai Kuan

Carrie - She is 1/2 of the BROWNS (for our COLOURS-themed fashion show!)

Shiau Mei aka Strawberry - she is the other half of the BROWNS

Aun Ni

Tze Im aka "Ah-no"

Jia Yin aka "Tah Jie"

Yu Siang - definitely one of the best-dressed guys that nite, what with his un-done tie and bling-bling chain;P

Kah Hang

Lie Jin

Pretty Sze Wei

Wei Ping

Pretty May Yin - She was chosen as one of the finalists for best-dressed. Her gown was really gorgeous!


Everything was such a frenzy when we prepared into our outfits for the 3rd and last performance by the first-years. Already we arrived late and we did not have time to do a rehearsal. Things was such a havoc that time went so fast.

My catwalk was fine, I think. It was over so quickly - in fact, it was TOO fast...Hehe...Looks like my partner was too nervous. He walked so fast that I even forgotten some of my

Janice, myself and Mei Chieng with the BLACKS (Poh Ling and Huey Pin) - their style was Gothic Punk

Janice and me with the PINKS (Wei Wei and Ai Li) - their style was pyjamas/nightwear - So cute!!!

Moi with the BLACKS (Wei Ping and Poh Ling)

The WHITES - their style was sportswear

The GREYS - I have no idea what our style were...hehe...My cute partner Kah Hang;)

Me with the DENIMS (Janice and Mei Chieng) - we took pic in the hotel toilet which was also our dressing room....LOL

Me and Yan Xia - She and Lay Sin were in the BEIGES but they changed so quickly that I did not managed to take pics of their outfits

Because most of them changed their fashion show outfits so fast, I did not manged to snap photos of them. Those I missed were the REDS (Xin Ni, Yu Siang and Aun Ni) whose style was traditional clothing, the GREENS (Chin Yew and Zhi Yun), the BEIGES (Yan Xia and Lay Sin) and our fashion show emcees (Wen Bin and Kwee Sze).


In our pretty dresses~

Jia Yin, Ai Li, Wei Wei, Carrie, Mei Chieng, Janice and Moi

With the other coursemates - Gim Hui, Ying Xiang, Suet Yin and Xin Wei


Taking pic with 1 out of 9 boys in Pharmacy 1st years - Boon Yan

The very cute Yan Ying in metallic blue dress

Ai Li, Tze Im, Jia Yin and moi

The "7 princesses" - Ni Tze, WeiWei, Tah Jie, Ah-no, Xiao Kero Kero, No Money and Fei2

Me with the 2 Carolyns - nicknamed "Tah Kero2" and "Xiao Kero2"

The Bananas of 1st year Pharmacy - Janice, myself and Carrie

Our table was so "ong" - not only did Poh Ling and Huey Pin won the individual lucky draw but our table - No.4! - won the grand lucky draw!!!!

Finally, photos of all the students in Pharmacy UKM....

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