Friday, January 04, 2008

farewell 2007 & hello 2008

My 1st post of 2008...

It is a while since I last posted here...esp I have yet to write my first 2008 post but have been super busy this week - going back to uni, planning for BB's surprise bday, practicing for Pharmacy Course Nite, shopping for friends' dresses and etc. Will update all this and more in later posts...

But first...


Top 10 Memorable events of 2007:
  1. Started the new year at Bintang Walk (my first time!) with WY, Jino and Hanson. Hmm...Not exactly a great experience though.
  2. Not going to school anymore...I missed all my Form 6 classmates but I am glad I don't have to endure the stress of STPM studies anymore.
  3. Had my first job (Ok, my first job as a phone verifier only lasted one week, so that does not count!) as a data entry clerk for Layang Layang Island Resort under Reliance Group of Companies. Needless to say, I suck at my job but I am glad that I endured 5 months there!
  4. Went to 3 different states and one country. I visited Terengganu (Pulau Lang Tengah), Perak and Melaka with my Form 6 BF Family. I also visited Guilin, China with my Mom. All were awesome trips!
  5. Got my STPM results and then shortly was enlisted to do Pharmacy in UKM. It was my second choice so I was glad. Also, one of my good friends also got UKM Bangi as well as another one in UKM KL! Another is in UTAR Setapak, which is also nearby my campus!
  6. Started 2 blogs (my first time!) The first is a blog dedicated to all my Form 6 classmates (courtesy of Laushu's idea) and then later my very own blog!
  7. Had a tough time initially in UKM but eventually I got used to it. I esp had a tough time with the language. But I am glad that there are 3 english-ed students in Pharmacy! Met some good friends like BB and Suz M during my 3M orientation week. We met because we were in the same LDK 17! But too bad we are all in diff courses so don't really have the chance to see one another most of the time.
  8. Pharmacy had a tough time during IO (informal orientation) because someone reported IO to higher authorities. Lots of drama there which I thought was unnecessary.
  9. In UKM, I joined a couple of activities like CAC Nite, shengxue to Cameron Highlands and BF visit to Jejarum. Not bad for a girl who does not know how to speak fluent Mandarin.
  10. Though I did badly for my first sem, I am glad everything is cleared off now and I am thankful to be able to start my 2nd sem of my 8 semesters here in UKM!



Top 10 New Year Resolutions/Things to do:

  1. STUDY hard! No more lacking or procrastination anymore. No more thinking about shopping, music or movies but STUDIES!
  2. Look for housemates to stay for my 2nd year. Anyone interested?;)
  3. Be nice to people. Whenever someone is mean to me, I treat them back with equal mean-ness and I feel guilty, so this 2008, no matter how anyone treat me, I will treat them back with kindness!
  4. Join less activities for the Chinese Community...I already have Course Nite and PAP though...
  5. Get to know more UKM people and seniors too.
  6. Indulge in interesting hobbies.
  7. Shop less, save more money!
  8. Write more...I wish I can actually finish writing a story...haih...
  9. Not to depend on anyone anymore...I have been hurt because I expected too much from a friend...
  10. Hmm...Later-lah baru decide! Hehe!

So that was my first post of 2008! Happy Belated New Year People!

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