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my week so far...back at ukm for second sem

As a few of my good friends will know, I have been having some tough time this past few weeks. But I am feeling better now and hopefully everything will be resolved as soon as possible. Since I was not in the mood to take pics and it has been a super busy week, I decided to cramped the whole thing into one looooong post;)


Went to have my haircut today and also went to Jusco to do some last-minute shopping for hostel necessities. We ate at Madam Lim's Kitchen...Hmm..Any relations to Uncle Lim's at Times Square?

Fried Rice - Chef's Recommendation! Not bad!
Was not hungry so I just ordered these tempura nuggets....erm...nothing much here....


Had dinner with the family today. My cousin, Vivien got straight A's for her PMR so we decided to celebrate by having a big dinner at Jun Kee Restaurant situated at Taman Midah. The food was awesome. I was so hungry that I only snapped the first few dishes and forgot about taking pics of the other dishes. Hehe...Sorry...But this place is a must-try!

Later I went back to KTSN....;(


Turns out there were no classes today so I spend the whole day running from one end of the campus to the other end trying to get my appeal approved. OMG! My legs feel like they were going to break anytime. I was doing my appeal all the way from 8am to 5pm!!!!

But in between, I celebrated New Year's Eve at Times Square with BB and my coursemate, Wai Kuan. BB wanted to buy some coloured leggings for CNY and Wai Kuan was looking for a Course Nite dress. Since it was the 31st, we enjoyed the 31% discount at Baskin Robbins!

Our 3 flavours - The orange one was so sour....I think we had Orange Sorbet, Peppermint and Almond Fudge;)

Yours truly with our bucket of ice-cream. I also had Baskin Robbins ice-cream on the 31st of last year with WY, Jino, Hanson and Yin Ching....Deja Vu!!!

Since 1st Jan is a public holiday (duh!), I went back home that night. Stopped at Old Town Coffee near Jalan Ampang to have dinner.

I must always have my Xi Mut Lai Cha everytime I come here!

Mom's Curry Mee

My Polo Bau

Also went to Leisure Mall. Copped another vest;)


Was not in the mood to usher the New Year as I was dead exhausted from all the running that day. Once the clock hit 12, I went to bed. Haha...LOL!

Anyways, I went shopping at Mid Valley on New Year's Day. I thought there was some problem with my handphone but turns out I used the wrong
Did some little shopping despite the crowd and the madness and the chaos that day. Copped a tee from Body Glove. I must really thanked Jino and Hanson for introducing Body Glove to me. Hehe:p

Had lunch at Madam Kwan's. Dee-li-cious Nasi Bojari! Oh ya, btw, a place near Imbi called Sakura almost has the same dishes and taste as Madam Kwan's. Mom told me the owner of Madam Kwan used to be the owner of Sakura too! O.o


Went back to UKM. Again, no classes today. Organic chem was just introduction whilst all ZT classes were cancelled. Thank goodness!

Since we were let off early, I managed to go to Setapak early to buy a birthday cake for BB! (Her bday is 2nd Jan, btw!) Hanson drove me and his 2 roommates, Kelvin and Fook Chin, to Setapak to have dinner and then later to buy the cake.

We wanted to surprise BB by celebrating her bday late, i.e. around 11pm. We started by giving her a "small" surprise first. I bought a small chocolate cupcake and we lighted one small candle on the top. Because we were both so nervous, we broke one of the candles! LOL! Luckily I bought 2 candles!!!! We also gave her the "small" present first - a coin purse I got from Malacca and a bracelet from KL.

Suz M and I acted like that was our actual surprise - telling her sorry that we did not have time to plan for her bday because Suz M was in KK and I was busy with my appeal, etc. Then, we cheated her to go downstairs, saying stuff about "someone" dating downstairs. BB, being the kaypoh (busybody) as she is (joking, joking!), bought our trick and followed us the pondok where Hanson is waiting with her birthday cake!

LOL! BB was really surprised! Her 3rd surprise bday cake! Haha...The first is with her friends from Batu Gajah, her 2nd from her coursemates and 3rd from us - Me, Suz M and Hanson!

Happy 19th Birthday to BB!

The Birthday Gal!

Bday Gal with the Comrades behind the bday surprise!

Notice me sweating in the pic? LOL...We only had ONE miserable lighter. So after Suz M lighted the cupcake near BB's room at Block C 4th floor (!), I had to run all the way down to pass the lighter to Hanson at the cafe and the run all the way to 4th floor again to surprise BB!

Suz M did an awful job cutting the cake! LOL! Haha

Hanson ate till his nose got a taste too! LOL!

Giving BB her "big" bday present was really tricky! Did not work though. She did not buy it when Hanson acted all surprise, telling us that he saw a big plastic bag at the phone booth. Haha;D

BB with the piggie that Suz M brought all the way from KK! We nicknamed the piggie Suz Junior because it looks like Suz M. Hahahaha;D

Suz M and I hung out at BB's room till 1am before we finally went back to our own rooms...


Only had Microbiology classes in the afternoon. Damn sleepy wei! 2 units of Microbiology and half the time we will be in the labs doing practicals...*sigh*

That night was the big meeting of all departments for UKM's Pesta Ang Pow Ke-9 which will be held on January 23rd! Suz M and I did not want to go initially but was later persuaded by BB. We all ate dinner in my room before Suz M and BB exchanged T-shirts! LOL.

We complained that Suz M was wearing very tight T-shirts so BB suggested that the both of them switched T-shirts, which did wonders! Haha:D Suz M's T-shirt was a better fit for BB and vice versa. Yours truly was not involved in this entanglement. LOL

Suz M and I are in the Publicity Department for PAP whilst BB is in Protocol. However, I am a terrible contributor. I skipped most of the meetings (Is it my fault they always have meetings when I am already back at home?), forgot to do the work my EXCO gave me (Sorry!), and I also skipped the Marketing Operations on this coming Saturday. Haih....Memang teruk la me...My poor EXCOs...


My English Classes got cancelled (Yay!) so I only have one Physical Chemistry class in the afternoon. Had practice for Pharmacy Course Nite in the morning. First-years are involved in 3 performances - opening dance, cute dance and fashion show. Since moi is a lazy person, I chose the easiest - the fashion show. Our theme for the fashion show is COLOURS and I am in the Grey team with my partner, Kah Hang. Our Couse Nite will be held at Equatorial Hotel on January 12th so will update about that event then.

After the catwalk practice, Suz M and I walked all the way from our hostel, KTSN, to our campus to catch a monorail to Times Square. Suz M has yet to buy a dress for her Biomed Course Nite on Jan 13th so I accompanied her to shop for one. After going in and out of shops, try dozens of dresses, Suz M finally found a gorgeous dark purple dress with sequinned V-halter neckline. It is a really pretty dress:)

We copped some accessories at Sungei Wang before rushing back to the fac for our classes. So dead tired, ok? Luckily, it was another introduction class.

That night, our Pharm 3rd year seniors came to preview our performances and to brief us about that night's events so I stayed till 10pm before I finally went back home....


Did some last minute preparations for Course Nite today. Tried on both my outfits - the dress for the night and my performance outfit to see if it was okay. Then, later, I went to my aunt's house to borrow her ankle boots. Also dropped by PJ to get contact lens but they did not have my eyesight power because it was too high...*sigh*

Since I saw a really pretty dress at Times Square yesterday with Suz M, I decided to go to Times Square to try on that same dress again! I really like it a lot but it was quite expensive. Finally, after much persuading (mostly from the salesgirls!), I copped it. ALMOST copped another cute dress at the same boutique but I had mixed feelings about it so stopped myself last minute. My shopping philosophy - "When in DOUBT, do not BUY it!" Mom said that she felt ng hou yi si when I last minute decided not to buy the dress so she copped a silver clutch from the boutique...Haihz...

Ok, gtg now. I SO need to revise my Microbiology so I don't end up sleeping in classes...zzzz..zzz

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